Paul Mampilly

Mampilly’s hype about ‘internet of things’ is an overstatement

Paul Mampilly’s videos are always a head turner. If you are a newbie and do not have much knowledge about the stock industry and the way it works, you would be easily fooled by his imaginary promises that sound good, when looked from a non-existing angle.

He is not only able to scam people with less understanding of stocks, however, he pretty much nails it when it comes to fool the experienced investors as well. His recent video that talks about making fortune with one stock has gathered a lot of hype. The ‘internet of things’ that is no doubt is capable of a lot in future, but would still be a risky stock to depend on with your hard-earned money.

Paul Mampilly , on the other hand, has described it to be the key to a big fortune and is more than 100% sure about the returns which he claims this technology would be more successful than computers, tablets and mobile phones put together.

He also mentioned that the invention would undermine every other revolutionary invention in past and would become an inception for second industrial revolution. Paul explained the graphs and assured that the internet of things would be reaching to a $19 trillion-dollar industry only by 2020. Hence, whoever invests at this stage would be enjoying the highest perks in the coming four years.

The video compels to invest a lot of money and stuff is pretty convincing. However, there is a lot more story to this video that Paul has not bothered to share. Something that entirely contradict his data. Which is why, I would consider his claims to be nothing more than a marketing stunt and a gimmick.

An insight about the prospect of future of Internet of things, Paul has underlined it many times in his pitch that this innovation is 7 times bigger than computers, tablets and mobiles in combination. As per the experts, this technology is supposed to be utilized by 50 billion devices by 2020. And he demands an early entry into the investment to reap the unimaginable profits.

I would not deny from the fact that the internet of things has a lot of potential to mark a great start but at the same time, it carries substantial growth risks and pains. Let me put some light on this subject. Have you come across ‘October 21st denial of service attack’? If not, let me help you with the details.

This was the attack that inflicted havoc on the web and did not even spare some of the very big Internet commerce sites. This wave of software virus attacked the devices connected to the internet of things. This proved that internet of things, though a great innovation, still has loop holes.

This technology is not only exploitable, but is vulnerable as well and this would lead to its probable scaling back. If we won’t be able to provide the strict and elevated level of security, the potential of this technology will not be properly served. This way, this stock becomes a risky investment.

There are various reasons and I can write a book out of it. But, I would like to be as precise as possible. Paul never misses to overstate his claims. He makes sure to projects the numbers in such a way that even if it looks too good to be true, it seems achievable. Sometimes, he even brags about fake profits that was never made. the Internet of things is not the only stock that he has gone beyond the limits to praise about. But, he has been doing it since long.

For example, in 2015, Paul Mampilly was found advertising about the Yahoo shares and predicted an increase of 75%. However, as per the stats, Yahoo share was at $50 per share at the start of 2015 and it did not take a year for Yahoo shares to come down to less than $30. Even after Verizon purchase, the stock remained at less than $50 per share. Those who invested lost a lot of money. Those who sold the shares in the intervening months, had a loss of more than 40%.

Again, Paul mampilly has started vouching for Geothermal stocks. In the era of solar energy, which is cheap and has already taken over the market, it would be difficult of any other renewable sources which is not mature enough, to make a prominent place. This makes this stock a risky investment. On the other hand, Paul Mampilly affirms a 1000% return in one year. Isn’t that makes his assertion questionable? It sure does.

Paul Mampilly seems to be a marketing expert rather than a financial advisor. As a matter of fact, he fails to justify the marketing limits as well. He goes too far into lying that he underestimates the ethics that every industry abides with. He does not have morals.

None of the financial advisor who are concerned about their client’s profit would provide such a level of certainty at any given point of time. We all know that investment into stock is more or less, a gamble. If played fairly, there would always be a chance of unpredictability. But, in case of Paul Mampilly , it is never a case.

In addition, being such a great advisor, as he profoundly affirms, he should be in talks everywhere. But you would not find Forbes, NBC or for that matter, any other business magazines, singing his praises. The way he shows the profits that he has made or any of his clients have made, seem fake and highly overstated if you look at profits unlimited by paul mampilly reviews on internet .

Paul is a tricky guy and would make you believe in his assertions by fake stats and numbers. His confidence is what attracts most of the clients around the world. But, you need to, at least do your homework before believing him or anyone before investing. Beware of people like Paul Mampilly .

Is Paul Mampilly a scam?
Paul Mampilly is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Paul Mampilly legit?
First Paul Mampilly is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Paul Mampilly’s consumers?
There is/are 25 review(s) posted about Paul Mampilly and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Paul Mampilly located?
Paul Mampilly is located at 201 E Main St, Durham, NC 27701, USA. You can contact Paul Mampilly by dialing 866 584 4096 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Paul Mampilly’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $2500 was the total loss incurred by Paul Mampilly’s customers.
The reviews, complaints and scams about Paul Mampilly are deliberately written by anonymous. We, at Dirty Scam are not liable for the content written about Paul Mampilly. If you have any issue with Paul Mampilly incident report, Please contact the author of this complaint directly, as we are not obligated to remove the complaint.

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25 reviews on Paul Mampilly

  1. Ritu Jain

    Paul Mampilly

    Paul Mampilly scam but a smart execture, you will never know when he is doing what he is not sure off.

    Stay away from him.

  2. Abbass

    One thing is that Paul Mampilly..

    One thing is that Paul Mampilly is a part of Agora Financial. My experience with Agora has not been good at all. They introduced Chris Mayer as a guru of stock market. They got me for good amount of money. They came back, got me for more to give them to become life subscriber. I have not seen one + outcome for me. But I got another E-mail from Chris, telling me “call Rocco at 844-670-7890 immediately. (Or +1 443-353-4769 if you’re calling internationally.)Tell him Chris Mayer sent you, and that you want to know about the special Founder’s Club lifetime deal I’ve arranged for you. And he’ll give you all the details.

  3. Robert

    STAY AWAY. He will wipe you out

    Terrible. Continue to have a BUY when the market continued to crash and his stocks were tumbling. Has no clue

  4. TaMoKi

    You will lose 80% of your capital investment

    Here is why members make at least 15-30% less (if not 50-70%) than the figures presented in Paul Mampilly’s Extreme Fortunes and other portfolios.

    Let’s say he issues a recommendation to buy a stock at $8. Let’s say you’re in line in a coffee shop and instantly leave the line upon receiving a “buy” recommendation and access your laptop to place an order. That is, within 30 seconds the stock may shoot up to $10.50-$11.00. So you have no choice but to purchase it for 30% more than the recorded price on his portfolio.

    Now, he has a 30% stop loss policy from his recorded price, but effectively it has almost never worked as such. By the time he issues a sell recommendation, the stock is typically down some 50% from the recorded price. In this theoretical example it be be thus trading for about $4-5. By the time you get to sell your shares (within 30 seconds, if Extremely Fortunate), the stock is down by another 20-30% by the sheer selling pressure of Extreme Fortunes members. So, it is entirely likely that with your best efforts you may still lose some 70% of your capital on any given recommendation. And as every quarter he issues 5-10 sell recommendations, your aggregate losses will be a hefty sum, significantly dwindling your capital for growth.

    Regarding his 1000% promise, it’s a joke! This is a portfolio that performs neither better nor worse than those of most investment gurus out there. His 1000% annual promise thinly borders fraud. It may be true (only time will tell) that a few of his picks may achieve 1000% gains over the long haul, that is 3-5 even 10 years from now, but not a single stock in his portfolio has so far given even the slightest hint that it may achieve anything resembling such growth within the promised time frame. And by the time it does, for each successful pick you will most likely have 10 losses of 50-70% of your capital, eroding your initial capital such that no 1000% growth may be able to alleviate neither your losses, nor the pain and years of constant stress experienced.

    What’s the reason that this discrepancy between his stated figures and actual member performance?

    He blames the members for being greedy and purchasing their shares at once, and constantly advises them against doing so. He seems to be very sincere in this, but he has failed to address the fundamental problem behind it. The problem is systemic and cannot be resolved by mere pleas. I guess no one knows other than he and his publisher, Banyan Hill, the true number of members subscribed for each portfolio. The promised limit is 1000. If true, that is already a large number that will effect the price of the stock in either direction. But who can verify it if t is 2000 or 3000? No one! If this is the case, then the unscrupulousness is on their part and not the members.

    But let’s assume that it is the purported number, or less. Could be 500, and they may simply be boasting. In this case, some “members” might actually be foundations or large capital funds run by brainless and fraudulent money managers, who rather than making their own picks for their portfolios, have subscribed to his service and are pumping millions of dollars into the recommended stock (before everyone else does, perhaps having an employee or two for that purpose), and actually making money off your back and off the pockets of the members of Extreme Fortunes, True Momentum and other portfolios. It is these fellows that must be eliminated from joining the service and proscribed from doing so.

    But what happens is this. Every once in a while you get a promotional blurb from Mr. Mampilly that one of his clients has made half a million dollars or some have already become millionaires. Total nonsense that aims to silence dissatisfaction! You go back to your portfolio and check the performance of every stock in it. It would be plainly IMPOSSIBLE!!! The only way this could happen is if one such “fund manager” or an idiot full of money not knowing what to do with it chose to allocate half a million dollar in one particular stock, and it so happens that only that stock goes up by 100-200%. This means, that this fellow is in defiance of Paul Mampilly’s rules to more or less equally allocate your funds for each stock in the portfolio. If you consider that the overall portfolio has perhaps 10% loss or a 10-15∞ gain in the mentioned time-frame, let’s assume the latter is the case, then this person must have invested 10 million in that stock to make an additional million. All this is so improbable that Paul Mampilly’s laudatory and pompous statements on the success of such so called members no doubt causes a wave of irony throughout the membership.

    Is he willing to identify and expel such people from the service? Unlikely, given the fact he bases his “success” on these very people who are the cause of the losses of all the members of both in Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum and Profits Unlimited.

  5. Dan Pack

    He sure is a scammer

    I just watched his sales video in it he Guarantied to have a return of 300%/year! only asking for $1995 for yearly subscription OR will get a free subscription the second year.
    What he is doing is that FOR SURE he will get $1995 for 2 years regardless of his performance. The investors will hold the bags!
    If he gets 5000 subscribers then for sure he will get 10 Millions every 2 years guaranteed! SO to him, he keeps his promise ONLY on the 2nd part of his Guarantee! So cunning!
    He is how to deal with his used car sales pitch:
    1/ Take out the 2nd part of his guarantee (…”or get 2 year free subscription”..)
    But then by the time you don’t get what is promised at year end then good luck to find him!
    2/ Here is my challenge to him:
    I will be willing to pay him $15,000 (instead of $1995) for yearly subscription!
    if I am guaranteed to get 300% of my $10,000.
    According to his guarantee I will get $30,000 in 1 year, he will get $15,000
    then I will be left with $15,000.
    How about that Paul M.?

  6. Robert C

    Mampilly if FAKE - you WILL LOSE $

    These people at Banynhill are just marketers, that’s it. Mampilly, if that is his real name (I doubt it), because they hide like Rats when you try to get a honest response to a question. You Will NOT make money. Period. I the last 12 months he had a return of 8.3% with 16 trades. Buying ATT could have outperformed this return. The $99.00 you spend will be better spent on porn because he is just a pimp.

  7. TaMoKi

    Paul Mampilly is NOT Paul Mampilly

    The true face of Paul Mampilly was revealed when he brought a subordinate assistant to manage two of his services. While I have no prejudice against a novice trying to attain a footing in the highly competitive stocks industry, it is your capital which is at stake here. Not everyone is born to be a money manager, and certainly not everyone has the art and skills necessary to manage other people’s money, particularly when they lack adequate management and communication skills. If Paul Mampilly himself is barely adequate for his job, this subordinate would require a decade of managerial experience to be trusted. He was managing Paul Mampilly’s Options service, and with his 4-5 initial trades obliterated 80% of my capital. Needless to say, even if he manages to have some gains possibly no one would benefit from them. I assume that practically no one is following his recommendations. If he reduces your capital from $10K to $2K, then to recuperate that you need to have 500% gains in a row of subsequent trades. A practical impossibility. As you may lose the remainder of your capital also, you would perhaps never go back to his recommendations, even if he achieves 10 baggers, which is obviously not the case.

    To add insult to injury, Paul Mampilly has made this guy the manager of his newest service, his $10 Million Portfolio, another possible scam in a string of unsuccessful portfolios. A ray of hope appeared earlier this year when Rick Pendergraft joined to manage this Portfolio, but it soon fizzled as he left the service within weeks (possibly because he discovered stuff not to his liking). Since then, this subordinate has been asked to manage this portfolio also. Buyer beware!

    There seems to be a very definite difference between this guy’s and Paul Mampilly’s trade strategies. All you will hear from this fellow is “buy this, sell that; sell this buy that.” At least that’s the impression he has left on me. Out of the goodness of his heart, Paul Mampilly is trying to promote this guy. Yet he’s doing it at your expense and at the cost of your capital. It seems now this guy has silently been managing all of Paul Mampilly’s portfolios. So when you have a string of orders to buy or to sell, they are most likely coming from this fellow. Unless Paul Mampilly fires this guy and assumes full practical responsibility for his services, there may not be a way of assessing his true merits. The buy recommendations are extremely poorly researched. The sell recommendations are often made haphazardly. It is one thing to make a mistake or two or three as a money manager, and another to make 50 mistakes, causing the obliteration of 50% of the client’s initial capital. I don’t know of any money manager more than half of whose trade recommendations are utter disasters.
    Again, buyer beware!!!

  8. Mary

    June 7, 2018 The people at Banyan Hill are real legititmate investors. You speak so bad of Paul Mamphill and yet you know nothing about investing or stocks or anything but have a little bit of knowledge about “porn” Paul Mamphilly is no pimp.

    One thing you naysayer’s forget is that you can get a refund a full refund if you are not happy with Banyan Hill Publishing company’s newsletters. In other words, if it doesn’t fit you then you get a full refund back if you want before a whole year is up. Think about that.

    1. Steven

      If Mampilly ius so great, why did you give him 1 star?

      1. The people at Banyan Hill are publishers of many newsletters and marketers. They are not investors. They employ “gurus” like Mampilly to tell them what to write. These people all make money by selling subscriptions to you, not by following any of their writers’ advice. Much easier and safer to sell a newsletter than to invest in the market.
      2. The money back guarantee is idiotic. I am a sophisticated investor who has made a lot of money in stocks by investing in index funds. Just for the hell of it I subscribed to Profits Unlimited last October, and bought the stocks recommended by Mr. Mampilly. In 6 weeks I lost over $6,000. Do you think that if he refunded my $99 back that would make everything ok? No. I still would have lost $5,901.
      how does that refund help me?
      3. Mr. Mampilly was at one time an exceptionally good stock picker when he helped run a hedge fund, and when he won the competition in 2008 where he made a 76% gain while everyone else lost their shirts. But his performance since he started touting all these newsletters has been awful.I find it extremely dishonest when any of these “gurus” only show their big winners (all 3 of them), and don’t post their losing trades.
      4. Everyone who subscribes to financial newsletters and services should understand this: There are a few very gifted people who can and do pick exceptionally good stocks. Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet, Michael Steinhardt, Steven Cohen and a few others. ALL of them burn out after a while and either retire with their fortunes, or if they want more money they publish newsletters. Every clown out there has a “foolproof” way to make you rich. Idiots. If I knew a foolproof way to beat the markets consistently I WOULD NEVER TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT. I would accumulate my own 50 billion dollar fortune, and whisper the secret to my wife or child on my deathbed. If I told everyone about it then it would stop working, because everyone would be doing what I’m doing which would mess up my secret formula. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH PEOPLE.

  9. Mary

    Paul Mamphilly is a straight shooter and tells it like it is to us.

    June 7, 2018 I think that a man like Paul Mamphilly who has substantiated his profession very well and you have not substantiated your terrible reviews of Paul Mamphilly.

    First of all most investors any that have common sense will ask questions and do research because after all we do not want to lose money. He is honest and ethical in sayingn there is always a risk and you must say that.

    I find a man like Paul Mamphilly who would win a prestigeous Templeton award during a financial crises when America was in deep trouble, Paul was challenged to make money and he actually did and it was in the millions during a horrid time in our country.

    Paul is a guider and likes for his customer’s to do their reserach as well as read the Banyan newsletters and you are anonymous, so we don’t even know who you are.

    Paul left Wall street as he was tired of making the top 1% richer and he tells you that. He wants to help Main street now like average people.

    Paul once said “He is the most hated man on Wall Street” for leaving Wall Street and sharing the same knowledge he gave the wealthy top 1% rich people and that is why Wall Street doesn’t like him. He doesn’t care because Paul is wealthy and Paul is his own thinker and people know he’s a geinus at stocks. Which stocks to buy, when to buy and when to sell.

    In summary for all we know anonymous you could be one of those men that work on Wall Street and you could be writing this to smear Paul’s geinus career. His work speaks for itself.

    I trust Paul but I also have a great deal of common sense and I also have my own brain and my own instinct but Paul helps in many ways.

    Anybody knows that buying stocks is not an easy thing but Paul has the research and experience behind him and I highly doubt that a wealthy family man like Paul Mampilly would need to do this for Mainstreet people but he does. He doesn’t need money.

    Paul Mamphilly gets 5 stars from me. Mary

    1. Steven

      Do you work for Banyan Hill Mary?

      I challenge you to post your results from your last 12 months of trading following Mr. Mampilly’s advice. Just remove any identifying personal info and post your statement. Show the rest of us how much money you made by adhering to his advice.

      Initially I really liked the man, his story, his humble upbringing and his Wall Street performance. I was so disappointed when I realized he was just another shill. I thought I had found my mentor. Then the upsells started coming to my inbox and I quickly realized he is not the same Paul Mampilly that he talks about in his story. So disappointed that I wrote him a personal letter asking him what happened. Never got an answer, but I never really expected one.

  10. Larry

    Profits unlimited member

    I have been a member since October 2017 and The stocks Paul recommended am up any where from 84% to 2%. Some of the stocks I have never heard of but they all have something in common. They are all part of the future where technology is going. Cloud base computing, self driving cars, IOT. This is the future and it plays off of the millennials. What products they use and it is smart cause they are driving the growth of some of these companies I have never heard of or never thought of using. Having a college student helps cause I ask him about a couple of Paul’s recommendations and my son said I have eaten there or I use that streaming service. And I read a lot more then I did before joining Paul’s group. You can not pick and choose which stock Paul recommends to invest in, you should be in each one equally weighted. And yes it is the stock market and yes we lost some money but he has a 10 to 12% stop lose not 30 like someone said in here. My growth has surely out performed my lost. And believe me I am no millionaire I am a hard working helicopter mechanic here in the Gulf of Mexico. Since I joined Paul’s investment group my portfolio has grown 50%

  11. Guy

    Phony blowhard Crook !

    I am an experienced investor with 38 years playing the market. After having subpar earnings using financial planners I decided to try it alone in May 2016. I was captured by Paul Mampillys advertisements promoting STM , the Internet of Things and talking about his humble upbringing in India. I was moved to read how fondly he spoke of his father, how fortunate he felt he had the opportunity to come to America and strike it rich .I joined Profits Unlimited in June 2016.. His first two stock picks were GE and IBM, both of which we sold due to poor results. I read his emails and literature daily. He later started two premium services ; Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum, where he pitched his loyal subscribers the opportunity too make 300 % in one year with True Momentum and even more with Extreme Fortunes. He used fake testimonials to pitch us. The memberships were pricy: $2995 and $1995 per year WITH NO REFUND ! But if we did not earn the advertised percentages, we would get a second year for free !

    A year passes and both of these pricy subscriptions NEVER come close to the advertised amount and barely beat the market.

    It is all a SCAM! Paul Mampilly is a phony blowhard and NOT interested in helping the common folk. He has pitched additional high dollar services called Ten Million Dollar Profile and Rapid Profits.

    He uses the base subscription Profits Unlimited to attack investors and later pitches his high dollar services.

    His testimonials are fake, the earnings are fake, even when he tells us how well we are doing he never factors in the huge number of stocks we sold for a loss.

    Again Folks, I have been a member of his since he started these three services, I follow his advice, have an equally weighted portfolio and will honestly tell you the performance is barely beating the market.

    His latest pitch was to invite me to be a member of his Inner Circle, it costs $14850 dollars to join and he is only allowing 500 members
    That comes to over 7.5 million dollars.
    This is the entry fee for a lifetime subscription to all his services, BUT even after this high entry fee,it will cost $495 per year to maintain membership.
    Of course there is no mention as to what would happen if Paul stopped his services in one year to enter another Scam
    According to my google search, he has a net worth in excess of 50 million dollars.

    It pains me to say he is a phony, he is NOT sincere, and an outright dishonest man
    I have written this to Banyan Hill and of course, no response ever comes.

    Do an internet search and you will find Multiple other sites with complaints similar to my own.

    1. Dan

      Thx for the warning about another scam.

      I was very excited while reading about the AI memory chip stock. Thanks to i came to my senses and didn’t comit a dime. Thank you to all who submitted reviews.

  12. Me

    Paul Man-phony-ignorance Losers like you

    He is scammer. Claims to want to help people. Gives bad advice. My portfolio based on his recommendations have a negative gain. You will receive many emails trying to upsell for other information, of course they are all you must reply tonight and this is special for tonight in attempt to get more of your hard earned money. I would be money ahead in a CD at .05%. Run away from these scam artists.

  13. Raj Kumar

    Sounds well researched- Backed up with facts

    Based on analytical presentation of the author.

  14. Robert C Haltom

    Extremely risky technology

    The presentation on his “blockchain” was painful enough and resembles the old snake oil sales technique or Carpet Bagger. I completely concur with the authors assessment.

    It takes forever to get to the point which was supposed to be investing in one stock and then he throws the net over you for an entire commitment to his services.

    The concept he is talking about is completely bogus when it comes to security – I’d like to ask Mr. Paul two questions – How much is he being paid by the Chinese and is this magic microchip and overall equipment and programming made and developed in China. I am sure he has made loads of money but most scam artist do.

    If American industry is really going all out for this miracle technology, you can say Hello to the United States of China.

    Buyers beware of this bologna.

  15. Arthur Luc

    Fabrications and bad recommendations

    Some of the stats he mentioned were completely fabricated. For instance, he mentioned that Electric cars would be available by 2018, and one other ridiculous thing.
    In addition, towards the end of the video, he recommended ST Microelectronics. Well, he hinted at it, describing a few key “mystery facts” of this “amazing, future industry titan.” These facts unequivocally pointed to STM, especially given that he mentioned the CEO or something. Anyway, when he recommended the company, STM shares were trading in the mid twenties. However, after a few years of treading water, during October 2018 STM shares bottomed at less than $13/share, and have now rebounded to $16/share. This recommendation was CRAP, and completely undermines his credibility as an investor. One of the most ironic parts about STM is that it was one of the classic “dotcom bubble” failures. In 1997, for instance, the company peaked at $92! In all fairness, though, this was the case with all of the semiconductor stocks. Nevertheless, if Mr. Mamphilly had recommended something like AMD, his investors would have made a handsome 50%+ gain since 2017.

  16. Cassidy

    Exceptional at fooling people who don't understand numbers

    “Paul Mampilly, on the other hand, has described it to be the key to a big fortune and is more than 100% sure about the returns which he claims this technology would be more successful than computers, tablets and mobile phones put together.”

    Anyone giving financial advise with returns in which they claim to be “more than 100% sure” clearly doesn’t understand how numbers work. 100% is the highest/maximum value, so practically speaking you can’t be more than 100% sure because it is impossible. If this is his selling point and he is a scammer, then if you buy into based on that statement, you deserve the scam.

  17. leah

    Wow what a evil sob, ty another Madoff and Trump and clintons
    The devil keeps creating them How can they sleep at nite?

    jusr as dirty governmnt and the court system i lleaned and ‘
    also i and many more lost everyrthing by a church con , tysm

  18. Student


    Useless suggestions of already established companies in addition to videos of self-promotion and more memberships options for purchase. Waste of my time. Not helpful.

    1. Larry


      Authur I got into STM at $5.00 a share. I been a member of Profits Unlimited since mid 2016 and his recommendations are anywhere between-17% to +136%. A lot of the stocks he recommended I would have never thought about investing in. But I spent the $400 for life time membership and am very happy with my results. I am not sure why so many people have had bad experiences with Paul.

  19. Tim

    Can't Disagree

    I recently signed up for Profits Unlimited and I am surprise at the tripe Paul spills. Also I just noticed something I considered a bit unethical. He just recommended ZTS in a newsletter but if I am not mistaken he took a position in this stock 2 weeks ago. He’s not real transparent about that transaction though. Don’t most of these guys recommend a stock then take a position?

  20. Fred

    pure scam

    my tip is to ignore silver tonged orators who want to help others make millions while they charge for the information, Why charge you when they can make money using their own system?

  21. Larry

    Paul Mampilly

    I am not sure how long people where or are with Paul but I have been with him going on 4 years. I don’t know your investment habits or the money you have in your account but, I just reviewed my portfolio before writing this and my stocks ranged from a-19% to +136%. Only 6 are in the negative from 19 to 2 %. The biggest thing I like about Paul is I have invested in stocks I would have never would have thought about investing in. I have been very pleased with the performance of the recommended stocks. On my own I would have never invested in a $300 stock price that now is trading at $700 I been to the store but never thought about investing in it. And since I started with Paul I pay attention to the market. I watch Steward Varney on Fox businesses everyday and I read about what’s going on. If you lost money I don’t know why?

  22. Ramin Aminian

    What a headache listing to this guy. He is only a merking guy to me. I just gave him $49 for his news letter and now being bombarded woth offers to biuy more this from him. I am out and sick of it. Going to ask for a refund right now.

    What a headache listing to this guy. He is only a marketing guy to me. I just gave him $49 for his newsletter and now being bombarded with offers to buy more this stuff from him. I am out and sick of it. Going to ask for a refund right now. He is way overboard and i really don’t care if he really has good advice. At this point, I am just offended.

  23. branko

    Review of Profits Unlimited by Paul Mampilly

    I subscribed to this course. Waste of money! Reason: Paul spends all ( as in ALL) of his time with your subscription to keep trying to upsell you! He wants you to buy his ‘other’ courses, which cost thousands. A total waste of your money!!

  24. John Hancock

    Put a sock in it A-HOLE

    Whoever wrote this review is a fool and probably has no real knowledge of Paul’s expertise. I subscribe to Paul’s service and have personally made far more profits than the service costs, and to note – I HAVE BARLEY PAID ATTENTION TO THE INSTRUCTIONS.

    It’s sad when we read dumbass reviews about a person that really can help us make money in the stock market, all you haters should stay away from investing, leave that to the experts, like Paul Mampilly!

    1. roman

      Current member

      I’m a small investor and am currently a subscriber to Paul’s Profit’s Unlimited. Ive been in for 9 months and am up about 12%. I believe he has always been upfront about investing, the risk, the strategy and the patience required about investing. I am in real estate and offer discounted commission to my clients that are well below the industry’s preference. My competition has lied, overstated, embellished and misrepresented my service to the public for years.These negative comments i’m reading remind me of that.They sound like anger & hateful comments. Could they be from the industry itself? Wouldn’t be surprised. Thanks Paul

  25. Frederick

    Follow up on Paul Mampilly sounded to much to be true

    Did a lot of web resurchingl to much to be true

Reported Loss :2500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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