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Patrick Ambron from BrandYourself is unprofessional and unethical

I contacted Patrick Ambron after I found few negative reviews about my company. I called BrandYourSelf to help me delete or suppress those posts on Google.

Patrick and his company BrandYourSelf works for suppressing negative comments and he promised to assist me in getting rid of those posts. I gave him all the links that I wanted to put down in search result.

He asked me to make the payment in advance for every month while he worked to suppress the posts. I was fine with the standard plan which was for $399.99/month. However, he suggested to choose the professional plan that was for $599.99 per month.

I was naïve and he knew everything about the service he was offering. Hence, I did as he said. He told me that the professional plan will be valuable for longer run and will make sure once the posts are suppressed, they do not appear again on the top pages. Patrick is a great marketer. He is confident and knows what he is talking about.

This makes him seem legitimate which he is not. Patrick is a fraud and I started realizing it as soon as I stopped paying him. He is unethical and follows wrong practice to run his company. It would be no wonder if he lies to you for making fast money. As he did in my case.

He promised that the posts would be deleted in few months and never told that it would take so long. While I was in the process of finalizing the company for my problem, I spoke to few more companies and they suggested that the results can’t be delivered so soon. However, Patrick from BrandYourself said that he can do what no one else can do.

That was the reason I chose him over others. But, he failed to do so. When I asked for an explanation, he said that there are few things that we only discover after we start working on the project. He took 8 months to suppress three posts. The budget was getting out of hand. I paid him in advance for 8 consecutive months and the desired results was far to be seen.

I called him and asked him to cancel the subscription. I wanted some refund as well as he was not able to deliver what he promised. But, he gave me list of things that he did in past 8 months and said that he had charged a lot less than what he worked. Finally, I asked him to close the project.

It was after a month of cancelling the services from BrandYourself, I found those three posts on the top page of google. It was frustrating to feel cheated. I called Patrick and he said that he had warned me not to stop services from him. The way he spoke it seemed that he had played his tricks to get those links back on the first page.

Patrick is an unprofessional guy and should not be entertained. I was scammed out of $4800. He never paid back my money and got me to the same position I was earlier after spending such a huge amount. If you ever get a call from Patrick, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. He can ruin your reputation and will take away your money.

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3 reviews on Patrick Ambron

  1. Patrick Ambron a Crook

    I have been targeted by my competitor, they were doing massive negative PR for my company.

    I was very frustrated by seeing how my business is getting attention for the negative press, my online sales getting declined that puts me into lot worries that what is the solution for the negative press and on youtube I had seen shark tank stuff and seen Patrick Ambron presentation so I thought let give his company a try and see how they are doing to stable proof my company reputation.

    They told me that the removal of those complaints can not be possible so they suggested to suppress them by creating a positive web property for my business.

    They were asked me to provide all the details about my business, customer details and email address in order to create a lots of positive contents on internet.

    after few months I have seen that the few results are getting suppressed on seconds page and after end of contract I have seen them almost every negative post has been suppressed on second page only.

    I was worried that suppression on second page is too risky so I have paid again them to suppress those negative reviews on 3rd page onward and they had started it again.

    This time there is no results can be seen and they told me it take time to suppress and I was very fine with them but at the end of the second contract I have not seen any results and got very frustrated.

    And now just today I am seeing that all the positive post they have created for me came back on first page.

    I feel I am scammed by brandyourself aka patrick ambron. I wish to let everyone know about this crooks and do not pay him penny.

    you can do everything free, you just need to know how to work with WordPress. that;s all.

  2. is No Good

    I have been paying to them for the Do it yourself ORM software for almost an year and I am not able to tank my rank in google top 10. Their software is just a tool that shows current ranking report, Better to just use serpcheck for free rank checking rather than using this shitty Patrick’s site.

    Just stay away.

  3. Work Here At Your Own Career Risk

    Predominantly white organization seriously deficient in diversity. Not enough female leadership, and where it exists it is very questionable.
    content quality is very poor in Concierge department because the staff is rushed to churn out content. If you want to work like a hamster, and be a cog in the wheel this is the place for you. Your writing will not be appreciated, you will be trained on SEO techniques that will be out of date in weeks because Google’s algorithm changes and you won’t be able to beat that.

    Managers are young and very inexperienced. Many are only managers because of their presence with the company in the beginning, not because they possess the emotional intelligence or life experience to handle people. It will be very evident in when they choose to let people go, and how they handle criticism. Staff is young and highly inexperienced. This will make your life hell as they continue play favorites and treat the company like a frat house.

    A lot of drinking on Fridays where low morale is evident and staff complain endlessly about the misery of work. Complaining to the wrong person can be the end of your time here. No one is ready to hear the truth. It’s all lies and booze at BY.

    Cutting corners and lying to clients with unrealistic expectations

    Losing co-workers at staggering numbers every month. No retention of talent and management doesn’t seem to care. Because you truly are working on a hamster wheel, and therefore replaceable.

    When and if you do leave you realize that you really haven’t made any advances in your career by working here. Your portfolio might not have any strong work to show if you worked in concierge, and you if you’re looking to move to an ad agency from here good luck because you’ve really not helped yourself at all. You’ll be starting from the bottom of the ladder again.

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New York 10018 NY US
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Reported Loss :4800 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : sam.wilson6
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