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Don't send your troubled child into Paradigm Malibu

We took our teen aged son to Paradigm Teen Treatment Center, Malibu. It is clear to me from the administrations aggressive and confrontational tone that they are simply not what they wish themselves to be.

We were going to them for behavioral health issues, which we very clearly and on repeated occasions made them aware were extensive, and we also made clear that the first few days would be difficult.

Instead of a kind tone and welcoming arm Dr. Neumann gave us attitude, arrogance, a distinct lack of kindness and simply disregard for what we, the parents of a troubled child were telling her to be true.

We were unceremoniously dropped, without any guidance or suggestion for further resource or assistance which we desperately need.

When I called to discuss with them, instead of understanding and kindness I received defensive and aggressively unkind push-back.

How this is representative of deep personal care and commitment to the psychological health of people is impossible to see.

I suggest that their organization are at heart dishonest and disingenuous. The very thing my son needs is to be accepted and nurtured – and the experience at Paradigm caused him to retreat into himself, lose self-esteem, and only affirmed his deep distrust of people.

For this I blame them because they did no investigation into him and refused to listen, This is not the kind of environment you would want to send your troubled child into.

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