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It has been super convenient–I work next door to the place. But this last visit, I got a bill despite paying my share of the bill.

I went in to get things corrected with proof of payment from my credit card. The person at the front desk told me that I didn’t owe anything (despite receiving a bill from them with an amount due) so I left.

While I was waiting to speak to someone about my bill, I went to inquire about some frames. The one lady, that sits near the exit/old entrance is doing stuff at her desk, not acknowledging that I am standing right in front of her, and when I ask a question, she tells me that I have to wait for the other representative that is already helping someone else.

30 days later I receive a notice stating “3rd and final notice before collections” handwritten on the same bill they told me that I did not owe. There is nothing more infuriating than incompetence. A long time customer–I have never had a bill sent to me from this place, always paid in full at time of service, then this.

No more. Tomorrow I’ll go in and ask why I received my third notice with threat before a second one, straighten out their mess, and that will be the last time I go there

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  1. Please avoid this place at all cost

    Went for an eye exam on and they billed my insurance we used a credit card to pay off the remaining so paid in full. On they contact us an state we still owe $19.00 dollars we complained since this is now over since our visit but paid the $19.00. Then they say we owe an additional $13.00 ! Please avoid this place at all cost

  2. Her waiting room is a circus.

    Her waiting room is a circus. Confusing as to where to go and with people who can read the signs in English it’s a cluster-f**k of people cutting in line and sanding about not sure where to go.

    I had to argue awhile with a woman who only spoke Cantonese that I was the next in line, which was quite frustrating and really not my job to police my place in line in Pac Eye Assoc. clinic.

    Office staff knows this is a problem (according to someone there of some position named “Grace”) and yet they continue to subject their clients to such unhealthy aggravation and disregard. Although Anne Fung is quite skilled I would avoid seeing her or anyone at these poorly managed offices.

  3. the doctors are great BUT the billing department is terrible.

    the doctors are great BUT the billing department is terrible. I’ve been a patient of PAC EYE for more than a decade. I am insured and the billing department billed the wrong insurance company for 8 months then decided to bill me the entire amount.

    They did not contact me or send me a bill, I received a random call from the billing department demanding cash payment and when I explained I had insurance, they’re response was ‘take responsibility and pay the bill’ — very unprofessional.

    I spent (easily) 10+ hours collecting documents/ making phone calls. In the end, my insurance finally took over and paid the bill (once they were actually billed). I wrote a letter of complaint to the office manager without any response. Did I mention I practice medicine? if I treated patients like this I’d lose my job.

  4. He simply began to recite "can you read any of the lines."

    I have been a patient for about 3+ years. I was referred to Dr. King for an exam and a prescription. He has the worse professional demeanor I have experienced.

    At the outset of the exam he placed his device over my eye without consideration for my comfort. He never inquired about the placement of his device. He simply began to recite “can you read any of the lines.”

  5. This place is ridiculous.

    This place is ridiculous. If you value your time find another ophthalmologist.
    I had an emergency with my eye and could not find another Ophthalmologist that would take me same day so ignoring all the reviews I read I made an appointment. What a mistake. This place is ridiculous. No wonder they have same day appointments- why would anyone ever go back.

  6. I would advise avoiding Pacific Eye Associates.

    They recently sent me to collections for a “medical procedure” (read: routine eye exam) from (!!!) that was covered by my insurance.

    When they initially billed me in, I supposedly cleared this up with them twice, but they are still trying to collect on this fraudulent debt.

    Speaking of that eye exam – I’d gone on recommendation from my optometrist at the time. After getting the exam, the doctor noted that their machines weren’t as sophisticated as the optometrist that had initially directed me to them.


    Whatever you do, do not purchase your eyeglasses from this office. Mine cost in-excess of $900 which is standard for my eyes, but the people working at this location cannot measure for tri-focals to save their lives, regardless of eye machine assistance.

    I now have only one lens that works! Additionally, I selected a frame I liked and they went with it saying it was a good fit. After having the screws come loose I went to another local optometrist who immediately informed that these frames didn’t fit my temples or face! STAY AWAY. I WILL BE SUING THESE PEOPLE FOR MY MONEY BACK!

  8. Bad Service.

    three eye surgeries by 2 eye doctors ended up about 3 years later with the original problem still there. in i case after eyelid surgery where a year or more later i still get water in my eyes when i shower,

    the surgeon told me “just live with it” 2 surgeries for excessive eye watering, it is still there..and the doc had some suggestions i did not expect from a surgeon

  9. She is also the front desk manager.

    I had an appointment here about a month ago, It was my first time. Let me start by saying they have a beautiful fish tank in the front waiting room, and I could stand there for hours just staring at them. Next the front desk. It looks like these ladies go through a lot up there.

    Some patients are a lot older and hard of hearing, but they manage to keep their calm and be pleasent and nice. I had the great pleasure of speaking with Suzanne, who is the most wonderful friendly girl. She is also the front desk manager.

  10. Had to see Dr. Scott So at Pacific Eye associates due to high pressure.

    Had to see Dr. Scott So at Pacific Eye associates due to high pressure. What a great doctor he is. Explained to me in great detail about the anatomy of eye and conducted tests.

    Also there is a staff nurse called Dana. She is very knowledgable and treats patients very well. I had a question about Astigmatism. She explained it very well (In layman terms). And also,she is very effective & fast in handling various tests to be conducted

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