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PLEASE DO NOT SHOP HERE! THEY WILL SCAM YOU! I purchased a bed here, the signs everywhere for 90 days no interest. I bought a bed from Overstock Furniture, The delivery situation was a mess…I received text from employees about the items not being in stock, or when they would be able deliver but didn’t.

All in all, it took a month to get my order, which was delivered in someone’s personal car after hours because I threatened to cancel my order. I was told in the store I could make payments in the store because everything was done in house, but after 90 days if the order wasn’t paid off I would start accruing interest.

Let’s FF a little, I checked my bank acct and noticed money missing, I called my bank and they said it’s some company called Acima….I call Acima and they are the finance company the store uses and they took money out of my acct without my consent, they also put this purchase on my credit as a $2600 lease. When I signed my sales receipt which was $1200! I am beyond livid! I went into the store Karim was extremely rude and so was the older Spanish woman with glasses, who was the person that processed the sale.

I had to go to the store twice because Karim was so rude and when I asked for a copy of any and all paper work he said he would have it ready in 7 days, I also asked for his superior’s contact Information and he flat out said, no, I don’t have to give you that.

I said are documents stored off site, why can’t I get a copy now? He again said, I don’t have to give you that information. FF to next Saturday, Karim went through paperwork in a box under the counter, made copies and shredded some other document with my file.

I already had my sales receipt but he gave me a copy of a lease with an auto generated signature and a copy of my sales receipt…keep in mind, I’ve never seen this lease document in my life!! He said you’re not sent home with this document. So how is this possible! This doesn’t even make sense! Also the initial payment I made was never even applied to anything, despite what I was told…While arguing with Karim he said, that’s an application fee…despite being told otherwise.

Karim threatened to call the police and sue me because I recorded my entire conversation, I said please do! Acima offered nothing! I asked them to come get the furniture because this is crazy! They said if they come get the furniture they will report it on my credit as a repossession! I disputed everything with my bank, made a police report and disputed things on my credit! I will be consulting with an attorney as well!

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  1. Overstock Furniture Is Scammer.

    This is a rip off furniture company. The store in Lanham,MD is the worst!!! They are over priced. The customer service from management and associates are the worst I have ever seen or dealt with. It makes no sense that someone has to wait over a month for delivery and then to be dissatisfied with the items.

    Also not receiving what you ordered. The delivery personnel was great. When they put together the furniture… the legs was missing for a piece of the furniture. Then to top that off…. they delivered the wrong coffee table. Right name but wrong item number. When confronting the store manager, he was disrespectful and tried to sale the correct item from the sales floor of the showroom (that was broken) with no discount for the error. The disrespectful manager offer a refund and to have to furniture either picked up or brought to the store,

    then retract the offer because the decision was made to purchase the item elsewhere. He began to laugh and said, “No Refund, Keep the furniture”. The Lanham store called the Langley Park store and instructed them not to give the missing item, that was not packaged in the delivery.

    They get your money and do not care about your feeling, concerns or issues. People should report their concerns and issues to the Better Business Bureau.

  2. do not buy from this company.

    do not buy from this company. they are the middle man on some items. if you have problem will need to go thru company that overstock got it from !!!!!!! go to wayfair—100% better

  3. They are horrible.

    They are horrible. I am filing a better business complaint and may need to file a small claims complaint. Delivery men were rude, cut fabric of the sofa I paid $1000 for and there was already fabric damage. I followed their instructions to the letter (took pics, filled out info.) They ignored email and never returned a phone call. The delivery men saw damage and kept pushing lounger against a wall to hide.

    I did not see until after I signed and they left. I asked for refund fo delivery charges and replacement lounger. They are dishonest and ignored a customer complaint and even their own process. Lay-a-way is nice, but not worth getting DAMAGED GOODS with not negotiation for resolution. They don’t deserve 1 star, but system requires it.

  4. NEVER do business with these people!

    Save yourself the time and aggravation – NEVER do business with these people! It would be really helpful if I could give this company a “ZERO” star rating. So I went into the store and was unable to find exactly what I was looking for so I went looked a few catalogs until I found the perfect 5-piece sectional that I wanted.

    They quoted me a price and placed the order for a 5-piece sectional. I explained to the individual that I needed the furniture before Thanksgiving and they promised me they would have it for me the following week. I paid a deposit of half and then returned to pay the balance a few days later when they called to say the item was at their warehouse but they needed full payment before scheduling delivery.

    After payment on Monday, they scheduled me for a Thursday morning delivery so I made arrangements to be off work and at home that day. On the day before the delivery, I got a call stating that there was a flood in the warehouse and the furniture couldn’t be delivered until the following week

  5. Since then I have purchased from Overstock Furniture on three seperate occassions and I haven't had not one problem.

    I must say that my experience with Overstock Furniture started out bad. The furniture that I ordered didn’t come into their warehouse when it was supposed to, so of course my delivery was delayed. My immediate response was one of anger and frustration but I recieved a call from the store manager who fixed the problem right away.

    There was a slight delay (2 days) in my delivery,but without even asking I was more than compensated for the delay. Since then I have purchased from Overstock Furniture on three seperate occassions and I haven’t had not one problem.

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Severity of Scam :High
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