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Elia Golfin flight school shut down scam has been vaporized

ASIAUSA LLC, a flight school operated by Elia Golfin at Deland Municipal Airport shut down leaving students without their training and without their money.  (Elia Golfin is a familiar name in the aviation training school business and  was involved in a number of closed Florida flight schools including Aussie Air, Inc, CAE Aviation International, Inc. and The Pilot Training Academy Florida, Inc.)

The ASIAUSA story was reported by several media outlets including The Daytona Beach News-Journal Newspaper and at least two television stations.  The television news story links are no longer available, but here is a link that reports the shutdown

The reviews, complaints and scams posted about Elia Golfin is permanant record at https://dirtyscam.com/reviews/orlando-florida-elia-golfin/ Search for all reviews, complaints and scams about Elia Golfin

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  1. Elia Golfin

    I thought this billionaire never indulged in any ponzi scheme but its a Shame of him now

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