False binary online trading company

I had been looking into purchasing Bitcoin this led to Binary trading which I was Nieves about, I followed a link to one of many and got involved, I never thought about it but put over a £250 deposit in Option888.

From this deposit I ended in profit over £1000gbp on Option888, this was when the alarms bells started ringing.

I placed a withdrawal on the 22nd which said it went through, however it never appeared, in the meantime is totally stupidity not thinking about it being a scam I tried out another option via Zoomtrader these guys were very pushy and that’s when all my questions arose,

I now believe I have lost £750 GBP not received any of the profit and whilst trying to get my latest £250 deposit back it says I can’t due to maximum withdrawal taken.

I am even more worried in that they have a lot of my personal details enough to easily falsify me as a person.

I am in a hurry panic

appreciate any help guidance anything at all



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  1. Official Response


    Im Jack, the support manager for Option888.com, I just read your report and I took a look at you account which you have with us.
    As I can see you have made a deposit of £250 and a profit of £750.

    The withdrawal which you have made on the 22nd , it was cancelled by yourself and you have made another withdrawal yesterday.
    According to our Terms and Conditions which you have read and accepted prior your registration, its stated that withdrawals can take from 2 to 14 banking days for the funds to arrive at your account. Also if you have made the initial deposit via CC, you should first make a withdrawal request for this amount and then after the first withdrawals is completed you need to make another withdrawal request for the profits via bank transfer.

    Your current withdrawal request is still pending and being reviewed by our financial department, please wait for the email confirmation from the financial department. You will receive the funds back to your account ASAP.

    As per your concerns about your personal information, Option888.com views its customers information security as being of the utmost importance, and therefore invests considerable resources for protecting customers’ information securely while enabling interaction with the site and utilizing the most advanced and powerful security procedures and encryption systems available worldwide.

    If you have any additional questions or concern please feel free to contact me directly via email at “[email protected]” and I will personally take care of it.


    1. B Lawson


      You and the support and compliance and Rob have all had several emails on this with no response.
      You as in Option888 advised to cancel the £1000 withdrawal which was placed on the 22nd even though the system allowed it.
      Then to go back and request £250 which is still awaiting return to the card, then request the so called £750 which we await proof of this ever coming back, and to request this of course you needed all the specific bank details.
      If you look at the social media and brokers review with regard to Option888 and ZoomTrader I see we are by far the first for this to happen to it appears to be very common.
      We will await a further few days on this £250 return, in the meantime it has been registered with action fraud under investigation.
      We will be very happy to be proven wrong, as with the private details which have been submitted

  2. Absolute Scamming B¥$€ards

    So here we go amazing stuff from Option888 not paying out the profit earned and advising bullshit after bullshit.
    Read below written by Rob?? Then a rejection
    Looking for a bank statement so followed process and request withdrawal via wire note as below
    Guess what rejection today as it needs to be by my card.
    Guess what can’t withdraw via my card won’t allow
    Complete scam with many people involved in this and monitoring all activity

    Dear Brent,

    We want to inform you that your withdrawal request has been rejected because you selected the Bank Wire method, you need to select the same method that you made the deposit with, in your case Credit Card. Please make a new withdrawal with Credit Card method so the Finance department can process it.

    Best regards,
    Rob Scott – Support


    [email protected]

    1. Official Reply
      Jack Option888


      I just came across this thread again, and read your reply. We pay out profits via wire transfers as I mentioned in the first reply and its also stated in our Terms and Conditions which you have accepted upon opening the account. We request a bank statement in order to know where to send the funds, and to prove that you are the account holder of that bank account.
      There was a mistake made from the finance department regarding that email which you have received and I can see that it was later fixed.

      I checked your account again and you have received all the funds as promised, you initial deposit of 250 GBP and also the 750GBP profits that you have made.

      It would be good if you could reply back here and confirm that you have received all the funds and apologize for all the wrong accusations and the the harsh words you have used against our company.

      Kind Regards,
      Jack S.

  3. This company denied me access to my trading account and I couldn’t withdraw my money. I reached out to them they told me I needed to put more money, I already invested $40000, they wanted me to put $25000. I told them I have no money and they stopped picking up my calls and emails. I have recovered my money back from them after three months of battling them, I got back all my money with he help of [email protected]@tuta.io They took their time to guide me on steps to take to recover all my money back

    ADMIN UPDATE: This comment may lead to another scam. Beware of such solicited offer

  4. Absolute SCAM

    Don’t be fooled into thinking this will make you money. It all seems to look good, then they will take your money. I was being tutored or so i thought by Jack.. but in actual fact they are luring you into the trap. I was what i thought making a trade and then boom, my trade was closed from the other end and my money was gone. Also profits I had was told it was bonuses. What a load of bullshit. PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. They will only rip you off.

  5. Option888 is a scam. When I wanted to withdraw my Money to my backaccount it was Always the wrong method, and when I try the method that they say it was wrong again. At last I succeded. Two weeks ago they approved my withdrawel and the Money was gone from my account at optikon888, but still, after two weeks, they haven´t arrived to my bankaccount. And Rob Scott seemed not to exist any more. So do not do business with option888, do not listen to Rob Scott, they are just stealing your Money.


    Option888 is the biggest scam in history. I deposited money and when I wanted to withdraw they told me I needed to put a certain amount of money to enable me withdraw. my withdrawal request was pending for a long time. I reached out a recovery expert [email protected] to help me recover all my money backend it was successful . I got back my money after three months of waiting for them to accept my withdrawal request.

  7. Option888 is a scam, I lost a lot of money to them and they refused to grant my withdrawal request. Biggest scam company in history. I have called them several times and they refused to pick up my calls and return my mails. I was able to to get back my money back from them with the help of a recovery expert taylo[email protected],com who guided me on what to do

Reported Loss :750 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : lawsonbrent1
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