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Option Mint Review is a scam, Do not trade with them please read my review

Binary option trading is really becoming famous among investors who like to trade and I was also looking out for the right option for investing. I searched for few names and finalized Option Mint as they advertise on their website that their withdrawal options are continent. And it looked that way when I read about the terms on the internet.

I created an account online and I got a call back from Charles. He introduced himself saying that he was the senior broker at Option Mint. He lured me in investing high amount for bigger returns. He was convincing but I was also cautious. I invested $5000. But that was not enough.

He called me again and told me that I will miss out huge returns for few bugs and asked me to invest more. He told me that he had experience and knew which trade was beneficial. I invested $5000 again. Later, I asked him for the withdrawal option. But, he continued asking me to invest more.

I do not know how I could miss his intentions. I deposited more $5000. But, then I realized that I was stretching too much on my account. So, I asked him the option to withdraw all the amount with the returns.

He asked me to trade with all the money combined with the profit earned so far. It made me furious this time. I invested $15000 and at the time when I asked him for the withdrawal, he convinced me to invest further. I was left with only $3000 in my account and there was no way I was going to play with that money.

My entire balance was taking a troll and I wanted to have something at my hands to be on a safer side. So, this time I refused to pay and asked for my entire amount with the profit bagged. I was so fumed at his audacity when he asked me to invest further knowing that I had only $3000 left in my account.

I lucidly asked him and I sounded firm enough. He understood that I was not going to make any payment and stopped receiving my calls. He shut me out and never told me the way I could have got my money back.

I called Option Mint to enquire about him and they told that Charles left their firm. They did not have any record of my investments. How can a company do that and miss important records? This was out of question.

I tried their helpline number 800-528-3559 but my calls were either never answered or if they answered, they completely declined of any account on my name in their record. However, this wasn’t possible as my account was active for 5 days after Charles left Option Mint.

I used their email address that was provided on the website ([email protected]). But same response or no response. This is a complete fraud and I won’t let them run away so easily with my money.

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4 reviews on Option Mint

  1. Option Mint

    They were closed before few months back so you can not get your money back either way

    their help line closed and they have been charged with legal issues and now they are opened with other names but names can’t be resolved yet

    They are again executing scams and indulge people into binary options

    Please stay away with binary options

  2. Option Mint shut down

    Yes you are right, they have shut down due to the massive amount of legal complaints against them and they soon open up with new name

    as you said its yet to confirm

    1. Diana Pucci

      A lot of people are still at the risk the and mercy of these binary option traders. As for me while have issues with withdrawing I reached out to the right person to help me with recovery. I’d like to share my expereience with folks out there. Just reach out to clapete990 at gmail.com.

  3. Almost Lost Everything to Mint Options

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  4. Funds Recovery Expert

    One wouldn’t really think much of this, all I really wanted to do was invest and be part of it but the way I was misled by this brokers was terrible, to easily take money from all in the name of investment and when I wanted to make withdrawals every single attempt was fruitless with constant hassle to invest more I really can’t say more than I have already said. I would really consider myself to be one of the very few lucky ones as I was able to have my funds recovered from this scam Binary option brokers, although it was through unethical means as far I am concerned but what can I care after how my hard-earned funds where taken from me, he was able to get back my funds in less than 7days all my funds including bonuses had been recovered, If your broker denied you, your funds while trading Binary options, feel free to contact Mr Alexander Jerry via his email address: [email protected] he his more than able to get your funds back without any traces, Best of luck people.

New York NY US
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Reported Loss :15000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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