Optima Tax Relief

Complete Rip-Off

Optima Tax Relief is a complete rip-off and I will be contacting my attorney, the news station, and anyone else who will listen.

They scammed the wrong one!.. They took $2800.00 of my money only to tell me 6 months later that I make too much money so they couldn’t help me.

I contacted the IRS and was able to set up a payment plan MYSELF.

These crooks at OTR couldn’t even do that. Count your days OTR because after my Attorney is finish dealing with you, you will NEVER be able to scam anyone else again!


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14 reviews on Optima Tax Relief

  1. Unbelievable

    This review addresses the lack of customer service. My prior review that I vehemently stand behind, was replied to by the owner. When I called to speak with him I was told he does not take calls from clients because he is the owner of a Fortune 500 Company.

    Seriously????? I have one question and no one will answer it because it is not ‘ their’ department. Yet, they are supposedly working on my behalf. How???? There are far better companies that handle IRS issues that also have customer service and support, not the lip service of Optima Tax Relief.

    Unbelievable!!!!! I can give you other recommendations for companies that assist with the IRS. I strongly caution anyone from using Optima Tax Relief despite their advertising and sales pitch when you are scared because it is the IRS.

  2. call the IRS they will actually help you and walk through the steps but stay away from Optima.

    These people had the audacity to call me today and want to help me but when I asked the woman on the phone to have the CPA call me she said they don’t do that, the tax professional who helped me had all the info, I asked her what a tax professional was and what their backgrounds are and she couldn’t answer me saying she couldn’t give me their resumes.

    This company is honestly a bunch of frauds saying we did everything we agreed up saying she had the agreements we agreed upon I asked if she had the recordings of our first contact and of ahe didn’t and didn’t know the person to whom I had spoken to,

    how convenient, obviously a bunch of swindlers and telemarketers, don’t use them, everything the do you can do on your own, call the IRS they will actually help you and walk through the steps but stay away from Optima.

  3. Your company has the audacity to want to speak to me again.

    Your company has the audacity to want to speak to me again. After how you basically stole my money,you never lived up to what your salesman promised and make no mistake about it your salesmenan telemarketers.

    The only thing that will settle is my money returned and your companies exit from the business. Maybe a good old fashioned class action. Lawsuit will do that,you obviously have many unhappy customers who I. Sure would join me.

  4. This a total RIP off I gave them $3000 for nothing for nothing.

    This a total RIP off I gave them $3000 for nothing for nothing. They didn’t do anything to help or would they listen to me when I asked them questions. They were rude and the majority of them are kids who just smile and dial, they barely know their names and are onviously uneducated.

    Some barely speak English. They are criminals who should be shut down. If anyone wants to know I can name names, and I have already lawyered up on their asses, BBB is opening a case on my behalf too, suck Optima Tax.

  5. Please do not be deceived by Optima Tax Relief!!!

    Please do not be deceived by Optima Tax Relief!!! They have faulty business practices. Before contacting Optima Tax Relief I had researched and was in the process of setting up a payment plan with the IRS and also planned to submit documents to the IRS to prove my case and lower my tax bill.

    Then I heard about Optima Tax Relief who claimed that you should not deal with the IRS alone. I paid Optima Tax Relief an initial fee to review my case. They then said that they would take the case and quoted a substantial fee for their service!

    I made the horrible mistake of trusting this company and began the installment payments for Optima Tax Relief to resolve my case. It was a nightmare. Numerous delays, while my tax bill kept increasing due to fees, Bad advice causing increase in fees to new tax bills due while waiting on Optima to complete the process.

    Then I was informed that I needed to set-up a payment plan. Wait!!! What??? That’s what I was going to do 1 year ago!!! I saw then that Optima Tax relief used stall tactics to get all of the installment payments. Through numerous calls trying to find out what was happening I found that Optima did not negotiate with the IRS.

    I was left with a higher tax bill, stress from numerous document mailings to Optima Tax Relief that were not used to negotiate with the IRS and financially drained. I would describe Optima Tax Relief as a leech taking advantage of those in need of assistance leaving them financially drained!!!


    THIS IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!!!! I have submitted payments in excess of $3000. This company has done absolutely nothing in regards to my tax debt! I have one remaining payment to make which I would have made but I did not receive any form of communication from Optima in the last 5 months until today …During that time months ago,

    I was calling excessively to have someone review my account because the IRS began to levy my wages and I was unable to pay both parties (Optima AND the IRS). I spoke with JOSE C. at the time.

    He basically laughed at me and told me well Optima will drop me as a client if I didn’t make my final payment, problem is, is that I would have if I hadn’t got my wages levied from the IRS which I was promised by Optima wouldn’t happen as long as I was their client!!!!

    Since being threatened to have my case drop, I’ve contacted the IRS directly for payment plans of my debt! As of today JOSE C.leaves me a threatening email that my case will be dropped in 3 days if I don’t call the office back. Well I did and no one answered except their outsourced messaging center! Funny this is


    THEY DON’T CARE!! TRUST ME when I say, THIS IS THEE WORST decision I’ve made. Don’t get caught up in the 5/4 star reviews you see… Don’t get caught up in the testimonies you see, this company did NOTHING but take $7,000 from me.

    IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY and they simply DON’T CARE. If they can’t get a resolution then they won’t fight for you!! If they truly put themselves in your position, then they wouldn’t stop until they got a resolution that was sensible.

    Do not waste your time and money, not to mention, I spoke with another tax attorney’s who was appalled when I told them the amount I paid them and what the result was. IT’S A BAD COMPANY and I don’t know how companies like them are allowed to rob people of their money. DO NOT WORK WITH THEM!

  8. Scammer

    I am furious! I gave Optima Tax Relief, LLC a $500 deposit that I was told was fully refundable and they only want to return $100 after I decided not to use their services. I decided not to use them because they want to charge me several thousand dollars that equal roughly the same amount I owe the IRS!

    They claim to follow Optima Tax Relief Client “Bill of Rights” here are two they egregiously violated in my interaction with them.

  9. I was excited that I finally reached out for help and felt like I was dealing with a well known professional company.

    I was excited that I finally reached out for help and felt like I was dealing with a well known professional company. To my surprise an a IRS lien and wage garnishment later I THINK NOT! This has been the worse experience of customer service and money spent.

    I paid a lot for a service I have yet to receive for Optima Tax. If you have years to wait for a resolution and you are okay with IRS lien being placed and your wages garnished because taxes are filed timely then this company is for you. Still no resolution to my tax issue and I am stuck at a loss of money, time and now having to figure this all out myself.


    This scamming company did nothing in three months and took more than 7K from me! Because of not doing what I hired them to do, I received a wage garnishment notice from the IRS! They do not care how their lack of doing what they say they will do , ethically, affects peoples lives.

    DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY! They have many negative reviews on here and many, many at their local BBB. I quit paying them and hired a new tax attorney who is moving things along quickly. The new attorney had the wage garnishment removed the same day I hired them.

    PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON OPTIMA! They cause you worry and heartache and more worry. They aren’t ashamed of what they do to people and are laughing all the way to the bank. Shame shame on you optima. I hope their business collapses one day.

    lol That’s like the pot calling the kettle black, “Harry L”. Stellar?? I have checked your reviews all over and they are far from stellar. Optima has faked many of the reviews. Your rating on here are far from stellar. Especially lately. Your company is robbing people of good service and thus their money. So suck it up Harry. The people tell the trut

  11. Very disappointed . I got ripped off without a gun.

    As of today 02/08/19 I am not a satisfied customer. I kindly asked for a refund for the first phase of which they call investigation. What investigation, I told you I owed taxes. Then they ask for another 3000.00 to start the process.

    Can you at least tell me you’re going to have my taxes reduced…. No they couldn’t I was offered a payment plan by the IRS so why pay someone to do it for you. I was really hoping to hear some good news. Very disappointed . I got ripped off without a gun.

    I would stay away . On the positive note my case manager was very pleasant to work with. I will be following up with local agencies to share my experience. Good luck to those who are trapped working with this agency.

  12. to help others make an educated decision NOT to hire this company.

    Thank you all for reading my reviews of optima and clicking that it helped you! That is the main reason I put the reviews on there, to help others make an educated decision NOT to hire this company.

    They have many, many employees that do not have a clue what is going on. Many that can barely speak english. That makes it hard in the communication arena. Nothing against those employees but when you try to explain what you need, over and over just makes it more difficult and stressful.

    When I started posting here they had only three, which should tell you something…not that good either. I have noticed alot more people posting negative reviews and with the same problems I was having with optima!

    It helps people know what going on with this underhanded company. The new neg. reviews help hard working people not give their money to these scammers! I hope you can find some help.

  13. The best advice I have is. don't even consider it.

    The best advice I have is. don’t even consider it.. You will only lose money. $490.00 to talk to some kid on the phone.. Then $3000.00 to set up a payment plan with the Irs. For the full amount owed.

    I called the Irs directly and was directed by them as how to start negotiations on a lower settlement. I was more informed and got more done in 30 min on the phone. And it did not cost me $3500.00

  14. The worst company.

    The worst company. I have paid them $5000 and they just stole my money! Never contacted Irs on my behalf. Do not waste your money with them. The said money back gurantee and offered $500 back after screwing me over!

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