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Scam Company Steals Renter Deposits & Run by Con-Artist

Be advised: Michael Mark Bryant and his numerous companies, (e.g. One LA Lifestyle, One LA Law, One LA Executive Jets etc.) is a scam artist. Thankfully he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed so his scams are easy to detect. Sadly, I did not do my research before dealing with him and have been scammed out of thousands.

Let’s begin: Michael Mark Bryant is NOT an attorney or lawyer. He is NOT licensed to practice law in any of the 50 states. He claims to have graduated from Harvard Law School. This is laughable. There is no record of a Michael Mark Bryant having attended or graduated from Harvard. Ask him for his bar licensee number and see how quickly he deflects.

His company, One LA Lifestyle ( purports to rent cars, jets,  and yachts. He obtains these cars, jets, and yachts from unsuspecting owners. Here’s how Michael Mark Bryant’s scam works:

1. Scam someone out of their car, jet or yacht by promising them he’ll make their finance payments.

2. Stop answering his phone so that the rightful owner can no longer get a hold of him.

3. Advertise the car, jet or yacht for rent on Craigslist.

4. Collect deposit from an unsuspecting renter.

5. Stop answering his phone on the booking date and pocket the deposit. The owner gets nothing. The renter gets nothing. Michael Mark Bryant keeps car/jet/yacht and pays nothing. (His scam is also applied to estates and apartments for rent in downtown LA)

If you have a car and were contacted by Michael Mark Bryant and/or One LA Lifestyle, you probably have a listing on Swapalease. FYI – subleasing a vehicle is illegal almost everywhere. Call Swapalease and tell them someone running an auto subleasing scam is using their site for leads. They should know better.

He probably told you your vehicle has “negative equity” in these “tough market environments.” Tell him you’d rather take it than any false positives from him.

He’ll act like your best friend until he gets the car, jet or yacht, after that – he’s scammed you. You’ll be lucky to get your car back in one piece.

Disregard the website. It’s a hoax like he is. He’s the head of an illegal enterprise. Delete his e-mail

Do NOT be fooled. when all they want to do is scam people out of whatever money he can collect on a deposit and leave people without their car.

If you visit the website for his so-called law firm, ( you won’t find any bar license numbers, any names of attorneys or anything to suggest the firm is legitimate. That is because it is not.

Avoid Michael Mark Bryant and One LA Lifestyle at all costs

FYI He’s in the process of getting evicted out of his current offices at 601 S. Figueroa St and 811 Figueroa St. Servcorp (his office landlord) has served him papers. He is currently being sued by the firm representing Regus Offices for past due balance totaling $9600. Feel free to do your own due diligence. This is all public record.

PS He doesnt pay his employees. David Schroeder of Glendale is just one of a dozen victims. If you currently work for this scumbag, I would advise you to report him to the labor commission as it is highly likely he will unlawfully terminate you without pay.

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4 reviews on One LA Lifestyle

  1. Slander Report

    The previous post was written by a former employee who was terminated in June 2019. His values did not align with ours and we parted ways. It’s disappointing to read his thoughts as listed above but we will continue on our mission of providing exceptional experiences for our clients and wish him the best in life.

    1. Ebony

      Notice He Doesnt Attempt to Refute the Original Review

      Any honest person responding to such a negative review would have gone above and beyond to refute the claims being made with their version of facts.

      They would have provided a license number to refute the claim they are impersonating a licensed attorney. In his response, Michael Mark Bryant does not do that.

      They would have directed readers to the Harvard alumni directory to refute the claim they are impersonating a Harvard grad. In his response, Michael Mark Bryant does not do that.

      An honest person would have directed us to positive reviews from satisfied customers and previous references to refute the claim that they are an outright con artist. In his response, Michael Mark Bryant does not do that.

      He does not refute the fact that subleasing is illegal. He does not refute the fact he solicits unsuspecting people on He does not refute the fact that he is getting sued by multiple coworking companies, apartment complexes, and property management companies. He doesnt even bother to address poor David Schroeder whom he hired and paid ZERO dollars over the course of his employment for 2 months.

      This guy Michael Mark Bryant of One LA Lifestyle, One North America One LA Law, One Leasing Group, and One LA Jets is the ultimate sociopathic scammer and should be avoided at all costs

  2. One La Lifestyle is an amazing company. My name is David Robinson, I’m a senior vice President of a fortune 500 company in Beverly Hills, CA.I have worked with CEO Mark Bryant of One LA for over five years on several major projects; with great success. Mark is truly a man of integrity and I’ve never known him to be dishonest in any business transaction he’s embarked upon.

    I’m proud to have known Mark all these years and to have done business with him and his spectacular company. I’ve watched him build a multi-million dollar company in a very short period of time. I would recommend anyone that would like to do business with his company to proceed with my personal guarantee.

    I’m not an anonymous person, if you would like more information about my relationship with One LA Lifestyle and Mark Bryant please feel free to reply and it would be my pleasure to provide you with my contact information.

    Mark Bryant is a Virtuous Man.

    David Robinson
    Beverly Hills

    1. Myah


      Mark Bryant with One LA Lifestyle actaully smuggles drugs and money on the companies planes WHICH HE DOESNT own and the plane companies have no idea. This is amongst many other crooked things he and his company is responsible for. You should not be receiving money from Mark to write reviews. You should disassociate yourself with him. I have assured that both the police and BBB will be investigating his company.

  3. Official Response


    The post on this website about One LA Lifestyle and Mr. Mark Bryant were posted by an anonymous individual and there’s are no truth to the post. We have full knowledge and identification of the individual who made this post.
    and legal action has been filed against this individual by our company and he is currently being investigated by homeless security LAPD and the FBI.

    We would like to make more comments about this post but our attorney and the authorities have advised us not to do so.

    Therefore If you world like more information about One LA Lifestyle please feel free to contact the company attorney.

    Joe A. Nuñez, MHA, ESQ.
    601 S. Figueroa Street, Ste. 4050
    Los Angeles, California, 90017
    Telephone: 213-330-4215
    Robert Johnson/VP
    One LA Lifestyle
    Tel: 424-205-1819
    [email protected]


    I am writing this review in regards to ONE LA LIFESTYLE ; ran or owned by MARK BRYANT. Whether you stumble across this company seeking employment or for services I advise you to stay clear away form this company and trusting Mark to follow through with his promises, policies and words. After being hired under false pretense ; Mark hired me to put together events to promote ONE LA LIFESTYLE and help rebrand the companies poor image , he failed to pay me after adamantly encouraging me to put my right foot forward and trust that I would be compensated for my work after rejected the job offer because he refused to pay we bi-weekly or half upfront and remainder the day of event. Amongst many broken promises and lies he told me countless times that he would follow through with agreed form of payment. Once all work was completed for event(12 days prior) and after lying about checks being mailed, fake wire transfers and Zelle transfers I didn’t trust him at all any longer and asked for him to write me up a terms agreement so I can make sure that I will be paid. He told me that he would write up agreement and I asked to have it with in 24hr before spending anymore hrs working and in his presence. He then had the audacity to call me the next day offering me a ride to Las Vegas with him and asked if I could help him drive. I then asked him if he had drawn up the terms agreement and he said “I started it lastnight and still working on it”???? In all of my years of working with professionals and business owners in general I have never encountered someone so cold and narcissistic. He takes, takes and takes and has no regard for peoples time and circumstances which he is accountable for. When I told Mark that I will just cut my losses and will be reporting his company he responded with “k” and that he had gone down this road before. He has made comments like ” I don’t care about poor peoples problems” , ” when people sue him his doesn’t take them to court he just writes it off on his taxes I knew that his heart was with the devil and that he has been doing this to people for a long time. ALL OF THE REVIEWS ARE TRUE! This man deserves to be in jail and his business shut down.

South Figueroa Street 601
Los Angeles 90071 CA US
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Reported Loss :10000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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