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I figured I rewrite my review. Since now I am passed my recent PROLONGED injured phase in life, and am not upset about the situation anymore. I wouldn’t recommend anyone going to this chiropractor. Not saying Dr. Fretty is a bad chiropractor as he has other high rating reviews- but he isn’t a good one either. Major lack of communication. Doesn’t check in on progress towards healing. Would have to take the initiative and go out of my way to update him, as it seemed he was selective with who he gives his attention to as he rushes through procedures while juggling multiple clients at once. Bad hospitality. Low professionalism.

I am a bodybuilder and back in November I had injured my leg without knowing what was the cause… having unexplainable pain.. and never had been to a chiropractor before. Put my trust in this location, but Dr. Fretty couldn’t diagnose what EXACTLY was wrong- though STILL kept doing adjustments on me. Was seeing him for almost over 2 months- with NO IMPROVING CHANGES, but developed even more pain to the point I couldn’t bend or stand making walking become even harder too… Very inconvenient when you are an extremely active person, always on the go, and working 2 jobs. Had to completely stop exercising for monthsss. Which felt deadly since that is a daily part of my lifestyle. During this period of time, my body and immune system never felt weaker!!

If this business had any integrity he would’ve admitted to the fact that he wasn’t able to diagnose what was wrong MEANING thereforeee he couldn’t address the problem, and should’ve sent me to seek care elsewhere. Instead I wasted a lot accumulated time and money going here, and literally lost alll my gains while at it… When intuitively realizing something wasn’t right and making the decision to see another chiro- everything in every aspect over there was at a way tremendously higher level of being, clarity, and genuineness. What was taking Ocean chiropractic over 2 months to “”heal””, was figured out and resolved in just 2 weeks elsewhere.

Haate writing negative reviews… But one should neverrrrr mess with anyone’s time or money. And most importantly THEIR WELLBEING AND HEALTH. Bad bad bad karma. Basically- just wouldn’t say this business has the best intent through integrity nor is the best practice to turn to when in need. That’s all.

Just honestly sharing my experience. Would never want it happening to anyone else. Which is the main intent of rewriting my review in the first place- as I see a recent patient has unfortunately went through something quite similar.

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6 reviews on Ocean Chiropractic Center

  1. This place is a quick and dirty body shop filled with outdated equipment.

    This place is a quick and dirty body shop filled with outdated equipment. The doctor comes across like an arrogant used car salesman. This is the most low-rent chiropractic experience I’ve ever had.

    Selling people on “packages of visits” and requiring pre-payments of hundreds or thousands of dollars in advance is just not ethical. Too bad the lovely and kind receptionist Laurie can’t find someone other than a schmoozer to work for.

  2. So thank you very much. Heather Dimitroff

    I can say i had a a great experience with Dr Fretty ‘s treatment of neck decompression, treatment of scar tissue, and carpal tunnel syndrome. His assistant Lori is very nice and brings a wonderful atmosphere to the office. Dr Fretty i would recommend to anyone.

    I am pain free. i did 12 weeks which was necessary to heal all the way from NY i am very grateful to Dr Fretty and his staff. Very thorough, very compassionate ,and i have all the tools necessary to stay pain free. So thank you very much. Heather Dimitroff

  3. Dr. Fretty is hands down the best Chiropractor I have ever had!

    Dr. Fretty is hands down the best Chiropractor I have ever had! I have had back problems as far back as I can remember and have been going to chiropractors since probably the age of 10.

    Dr. Fretty was recommended to me through some coworkers who had nothing but great things to say about him so I thought I’d give it a try. The first time I walked into his office I was a little nervous but was very quickly put at ease. Lori at the front desk was so sweet and friendly, It felt like I had known her for years. Immediately after meeting Dr. Fretty I felt comfortable.

    There is something about just the tone of his voice and his demeanor that makes you feel relaxed. He was very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating to my personal needs. Unlike most doctors I know he’s not about taking your money, leaving you in pain, or dragging out unnecessary time or visits. I have never had to wait more than five minutes to be seen by Dr. Fretty.

  4. I was referred to Dr. Fretty, and how lucky I was to have found him!

    I have had constant back and neck pains for the past three years after I was in a car accident. I’ve visited numerous massage parlors, therapeutic healing pads/remedies, you name it, I have tried it. After the countless methods that I attempted throughout the years, I was referred to Dr. Fretty, and how lucky I was to have found him!

    Dr. Fretty is always a pleasure to be around; he is always friendly, and genuinely concerned about my situation.I have a low pain tolerance, so I was initially I was afraid to come in because massages can often do more damage than repair, but Dr. Fretty knows what he is doing.

    From the start of my stay to the end, he ensures to hear me out before anything is done, and I trust him completely because he is constantly asking to make sure we are on the same page and I always leave feeling much, much better.

  5. They are the BEST in their field.

    I don’t normally write reviews, but I felt compelled to express my appreciation for Dr. Fretty and Laurie! They are the BEST in their field.

  6. Definitely recommend him.

    Dr. Fretty is the BEST. I have had back pains for much of my life and nothing has really helped. After just a couple short visits with Dr. Fretty my back has been feeling much better. He is very helpful and friendly and great at what he does! Definitely recommend him.

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