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could not observe what was happening at the truck

I selected NOVA Express Movers based on other Dirty Scam reviews. I used the company on 9/6/2016 to load my U-Haul truck in Pentagon City for a cross-country move. All of my boxes and containers were packed and ready, and I rented furniture pads to protect all of the furniture. I asked the movers to wrap all of my furniture in the pads and they said they would do that outside just before loading the items into the truck. I had to remain in my apartment during the loading process and could not observe what was happening at the truck. When the loading process was completed and the movers left, I opened my rental truck to find that the movers did not wrap any of my furniture. They also placed my flat screen TV on its side edge and let it lean against the inside of the rolling truck door. I didn’t have time to call the company to get the movers to return because I had a deadline for my road trip and had to get going. I made a few adjustments in the truck to better secure items and went on my way. As my belongings were unloaded at my destination, the poor packing job became more obvious. Many of the lightweight boxes were damaged by heavier boxes placed on top, items shifted significantly during the ride due to lack of snug loading, and every single piece of furniture obtained scratches. Even the movers helping at my destination complained about the bad job done packing the truck. I have moved across the country three other times and never had a bad experience like this. I expected NOVA Movers to be experts in handling my belongings and packing the truck. After unloading all of my items, I called NOVA Movers. I left a message with the person who answered the office phone and asked for a manager to contact me. I made a total of three calls to NOVA Movers and received only one call back from a manager. Unfortunately, I missed the call when it came in and had leave a return message. I never spoke directly to a manager. I do not expect to receive any refund related to this service, but I do expect to talk to a manager to relay my dissatisfaction and explain how things went wrong. A business needs to hear this information in order to make improvements. I am disappointed that the management of NOVA Movers did not take my calls seriously, and I do not recommend using them for a move or loading job. If one crew performs poorly and the management is not motivated to improve that performance, you can’t trust any of the crews will do well. Find a different moving company.
UPDATE: After the company manager saw my review, he contacted me to  report that he did receive my messages and apologized for the problem I had with my move.

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5 reviews on Nova Express Movers

  1. This company has demonstrated neither.

    I find it interesting that people have had such great reviews of this company. The reviews appear to be skewed towards moves without incident. Agreed, that the movers are efficient and friendly.

    However, the company is not responsive to incidents. In my case, damage to the property was not reported during or on completion of the move. In one instance, damage stair rail post resulting in a chip of wood. Instead of reporting it, the chip was picked up and removed.

    In another instance, installing a bed resulted in a scrap across hard wood floor. I tried to contact the owner on these concerns, but they company is unresponsive. I am in the process of filing a formal complaint to the company. I expect companies to be honest and accountable. This company has demonstrated neither.


    The movers failed to show up till 5:30!! When I called the company, the lady who answered advised that they were running behind. She said the movers must finish a job before they can move to the next one. I understood that obviously. I told her they could at least called me instead of having me sit there for hours.

    I had to call back 2 more times before the movers actually showed up! They did get all my items into the truck within an hour, but when they got to storage facility they basically just threw my stuff in the storage. After all that wait and the poor service they still charged me full price!!! I thought maybe they would take the 84.00 arrival fee off since they were late. WRONG!!!! I have told everyone not to use this moving company. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

  3. The loading part took a long time than anticipated.

    The loading part took a long time than anticipated. They showed up on time but apparently took 4 hours to load stuff from a 2 bd room apartment. We felt that the stuff that we had should not take 4 hrs to load into the van and we ended moving some of the stuff by ourselves due to their slowness. However, as a consolation, their unloading was relatively quick even though we gave them an additional hand to complete the move.

  4. If we need to move in the future I will be sure to use this service again!

    This was my first experience with this company and they were great! We even had odd request as we needed things moved out of a datacenter which I am sure is not a regular request.

    The guys (Kirk, Q, Patrick, and Jose) were very nice and did everything and more. Our stuff got to where it needed to be, and it didn’t take very long at all! If we need to move in the future I will be sure to use this service again!

  5. I highly reccomend this service, thanks for the great job guys!

    I hired Nova Express movers to help my mother downgrade to a smaller apartment in Fairfax and I am very pleased with the services they provided. I was offered a really fair price and they actually stuck to their quote. They showed up exactly on time which I really appreciated.

    The movers are very hard working and got the job done in even less time than we had expected but still took the time to carefully wrap, pack, and secure all of my mother’s belongings. The entire move went off without a hitch and for that I am really grateful. I highly reccomend this service, thanks for the great job guys!

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
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