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I have been a customer at Norwood Cooperative Bank for 35 years. I had cd’s there, savings and checking accounts. I used bill pay online for all my bill payments.

Recently the Town of Norwood stopped taking electronic payments.

So I entered all the correct information for my water bill to be paid through the bank but they would mail a check.

The bank states to allow 4 days for the mailed check to get to the company you are paying.

My bill was due 1/30/2019 and I set the send date for 1/23/2019.

The town stated they did not receive the payment until 2/5/2019( don’t know if it was held before the payment was entered at processing office) or if it really didn’t get there. So I was charged a late fee.

When I called to speak with online banking I had the worst time.

The woman kept stating I needed to give the check 4 days to get to the company.

That I must not have done that. I explained the due date and what date I requested the check be mailed.

Then I asked her to look up my account, she was looking at an old closed checkbook no account that I had and told me that I had not sent any checks.

After much discussion she finally found the account.

Then I was told she actually couldn’t talk to me because only my husbands name was on the bill pay, but I could go into the bank to add myself.

I explained that when we opened the account we requested exactly that.

I was told I must be mistaken. I tried to find out if both names are on our checking and savings account why I could not get the information about MY account.

I was put on hold. She came back on, said” The check went out and the town received it on the 23rd of January .

Not banks problem. That’s it for me. I’m switching banks.

If they treat a longtime customer like crap then I do not want to do business with them.

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3 reviews on Norwood Cooperative Bank

  1. I very much doubt that I'll do another business with them in the future.

    I will grant that their policies are transparent, which is why I used their mortgage service in the last couple of years. however, they are extremely fastidious about meeting every little trivial legal requirement to the letter, and this will create tons of inconveniences for the customer.

    this is the reason why i decided to do another mortgage business elsewhere. also, when i paid off my mortgage and had some follow up issues RE the late fees that a low level personnel told me she would waive but didn’t, the middle level manager of the loan dept was extremely rude, and even accused me of lying, refusing to connect me to the low level personnel in question.

    I wonder if this kind of customer service is approved by upper-level managers at this co-op. This kind of behavior would be worthy of reprimanding at other commercial institutions. I would have pursued this further but didn’t wanna waste my time. I very much doubt that I’ll do another business with them in the future.

  2. verry rude

    verry rude if you dont have an account they treat you like a criminal if you try to cash a check drawn on their bank even if you have ben a customer for over 20 years and you switch banks and they know you well they still treat you like crap they want your money in their accounts and give you nothing in return id recommend a credit union

  3. I don't doubt the accuracy of David K's story.

    I don’t doubt the accuracy of David K’s story. We have had the occasional annoying screwup that took a second visit to resolve (a transfer from a retirement account being the most recent). But that has NOT been typical. Overall, we have found them to be a good, solid, reliable bank whose rates have always been _reasonably good._ And we’ve used them for over thirty years, and they’ve always been that way. And for most of that time we’ve had at least one other bank account for one reason or another, and we’ve had a chance to compare.

    One thing I love: although their interest rates are never the very highest available, they have always been “reasonably good.” Over the years I’ve fallen for high-rate deals at other banks and they always turned out to be teasers that faded in about a year. You can make a hobby of following DepositAccounts and constantly switching banks to get the very highest rate, or you can just leave your money at Norwood Cooperative and do nothing and always get a _decent_ rate.

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