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Northland Credit Corporation Rip-off Financial Institution

Northland Credit Corporation is a rip-off financial institution. I am very concerned to make others aware about it.

Before I purchased this truck, I used to have a very wrong thinking related to the financial institutions. I used to think that they are good at maintaining their reputation. They are not keen to overcharge the customers. During that time, I purchased this truck in a hurry. I was so hurried that I missed the big part! I completely missed to check that interest rate.

Once I reached home and started reviewing the paper to find more about interest rate, no detail was there. There was not even a single line mentioned about the interest rate in the contract.

So, I contacted them to know the interest rate. They told me that it can remain around 19% or more. It was the time when I lost my faith on that institution. When I started calculating things on my own, I came to know that they are going to charge me more than 100%. There was no way out for me. I have to keep it so that my credit can be saved.

But after one year, I was not able to keep it up. Business was down and I was forced to close it. And now they are sending my wife and me to the credit report.

The worst part is that they have mentioned not to sign my wife for the second buyer. However, she will just there for witness. Now they are putting her name as 2nd buyer. This is not fair at all. I will surely not accept it.


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  1. Northland Credit Corporation is a rip-off Financial Institution

    Hey Dustin , Do not go with this cheap people , they will charge lot of hidden fees and you end up to breach the contract .

  2. thanks for your email

    Just received an email
    thank you Venessa for your review , I will consider it and look for other company

  3. Official Response

    Valued Commercial Lender

    NCC has been a valued commercial lender in the trucking industry for 20 years. NCC does not lend to consumers. NCC provides a vital source of financing for companies in the trucking industry, as an alternative to rental or traditional bank financing. NCC provided financing to **** ****… *************** ***, Mr. ******’s business. NCC did not provide financing to Mr. ****** individually. Mr. ****** executed and Equipment Financing Agreement on behalf of his business and as a condition of financing, him and his wife signed a Personal Guaranty. The EFA or Personal Guaranty documents do not require witness signatures or a notary. The EFA is a security agreement and requires a monthly payment for certain term. The payment is not broken down between principle and interest the way a consumer loan would be. In addition, the statements made regarding Mr. and Mrs. ******s credit report are false. NCC has not reported on either personal credit report. It appears they are mistaken on several aspects of this transaction, and are upset that there is a balance owed in which NCC is trying to collect. NCC is a highly reputable lender and is well known for helping their customers. Mr. ****** has never called NCC to find a solution to his complaints, he has immediately resorted to the BBB and this website to voice misunderstood complaints. They responded to the BBB complaint indicating that they found NCC’s explanation of the situation to be “satisfactory.” It is clear these complaints are slanderous and are purely to harass NCC.

    ***This content was edited to protect the customer’s privacy.

  4. No complaints here!

    NCC was amazing in helping my company with my truck purchase and truck repairs. No other lender has been willing to help me with repairs in the past. I will only use NCC for all my trucking business financing. They really understand the industry and want to help drivers. It is obvious these complaints are from people who are mad that they have to pay back the money they were given for their trucks. I guess there will always be people who want to complain about something.

  5. do not deal with them

    they are the shit.. the owner is pissed off

  6. hell of work

    they will ruin your life if you join northland credit corp. be aware to deal with them or to join

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