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Nick is a fraud and a selfish prick

I attended the free seminar offered by Nick Vertucci. I got the information from a pamphlet and was really excited to learn more about real estate and investing in real estate. The pamphlet said that after seminar, one will receive free gifts such as smart watch, power charger and many others. The pamphlet also stated that the experts will share great and unknown facts about the real estate investing.

Referring to no hidden costs, the seminar did have my attention. However, when I checked in, I was very disappointed to know that all that they offered was a lie. To start with, there was no free gift. Instead, they did offer free lunch and drinks. Believe me, it tasted so bad that none of the us attending the seminar was able to have it.

Moreover, the information that they shared in the seminar was very general. All they do is refine the free websites and take out leads and call them. This is nothing but cold calling. According to them, one out of 30 they call reply back. However, there is no surety that they would make any further deal.

The seminar was all about what Nick thinks and how he works his strategies for maximum profit. I believe that the real strategy is to scam people and convince them to join their course which costs $1695. They offer few DVDs for this amount and those have nothing in it.

I heard few feedbacks from those who had already checked those DVDs and they did not point any good thing about it. Moreover, you pay for something that is nothing but scrap. In the two hours seminar you will hear it all the time that you must give 50% of the ARV for making profit. I mean, just one point for 2 hours. They will brag about their success and how they made so far but noting productive.

The old man at the seminar was shouting so loud that it felt as if he was fighting. This guy had no sense of how seminars are taken. The name of Nick Vertucci was all over the seminar. But, he never showed up.

At the end, they tried to check who else was interested in purchasing those DVDs. And, what I believe it was close to none who wanted to. They felt like begging for buying those DVDs. I left the seminar right away.

I did get calls from these people once in a while. I have told them not to call me and I have no interest in their DVDs, but these guys won’t listen. I am stuck with these people calling me and bothering me at odd times. However, I am glad that I didn’t fall for their fake intelligence.

I would warn others as well not to entertain these guys. You will only sulk for the two hours sitting at the seminar. These guys are scammers. And, you should stay away from Nick.

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7 reviews on Nick Vertucci

  1. i also went to free seminar, then bought into the three day seminar

    gene talked in fire and brimstone language. that you have to pull the trigger on this. they were suppose to teach us house flipping, very,very little time was spent on this. because they want you to buy into a $ 30,000.00 to $50,000.00 seminar in california. to show you how cheap they are, after paying them this large amount of money.

    you have to buy your own airplane ticket to get there. now i already paid $1,700.00 to go to a three day seminar and learned very little, why in the heck would i want to pay more. an old saying kept creeping into my mind,
    “there`s a sucker born every minute”.

  2. You're in business to sell programs knowing very well deals that you promote are hard to come by.

    I don’t see how a how a seller of property would accept an offer of 60% of its value especially in this market. So basically finding the properties is the crux of the matter. Selling programs like this is misleading to people who want to make it and you just took $1600 from them. You’re in business to sell programs knowing very well deals that you promote are hard to come by.

  3. I give him and his real estate coarse one star because you can not give them 0 stars

    I give him and his real estate coarse one star because you can not give them 0 stars . I took Nicks real estate course back in, was the biggest wast of a week end and 1695.00 dollars I have ever spent should of taken the money and thrown it out into the street , his classes are a total wast of your time people ,

    take a real estate class on Udemy for 24.00 dollars and take the other 1665.00 and through it out into the street so I have a chance of getting my money back , Avoid this crook like a Plague , Nick Vertucci , Real Estate Academy is bad News , it a 1600 $ infomercial , he wants you to go onto the next level at 35000.00 $ no joke .

  4. Scammer

    My mother and I attended Nick’s Fortunes in Flipping Seminar yesterday, October, outside of the Detroit area. We have both had an interest in this and thought we’d check it out as we were supposed to gain all sorts of knowledge from the seminar. There were probably 50-60 people at the event, it was VERY structured and controlled.

    No questions allowed “so they could get through all the material in 2.5 hours” and because it would throw the presenter off. For the first hour it was nothing more than the presenters background, telling us about all of his degrees, how smart he was and about how many mistakes he made investing until he met Nick. Now he makes so much more money per month using Nicks’ methods.

    Their techniques are quite skilled. They tell you out of the entire room full of people, they are only going to accept 7-10 of us, they are very selective about who they work with. This automatically makes people think they want to be one of those 7-10 people.

    Then they say they don’t want your money, they want your testimonials. Over and over we heard about how Nick is the real deal and how you don’t find anything negative about Nick online. I did search and didn’t find too much but then I realized there are companies out there that are paid to remove negative reviews.

  5. Never Again

    My wife and I saw an infomercial about an upcoming FREE Real Estate – House Flipping Seminar by Nick Vertucci. We have been considering getting into this business, and educating ourselves before jumping in sounded perfect!

    The advertising implied that there would be “education” involved. It was, in fact, strictly a sales pitch to get you to buy their 3 day training class. Having been successful in sales for the last 20+ years, the over-the-top tactics and pressure were funny to watch. We were interested prospects that aren’t broke, so we bought in without the pressure. $1,695

    Remember, the above had zero educational value, and we expected some form of knowledge from the “seminar” advertised… BUT we felt confident that the Training Class would be of value.

  6. Nick and his staff truly care about their students and we couldn't have chosen better mentors!

    My husband and I attended the real estate investing seminars provided by the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. While students have to come to the table with their motivation and grit to own their success,

    Nick and his compassionate staff of well educated entrepreneurs provide education, support, and resources in various platforms, to increase the success of their students. Nick and his staff truly care about their students and we couldn’t have chosen better mentors!

  7. Not to mention a relief.

    Facts as experienced: I am a bottom line type. Don’t give me concepts. Give me practical application. Does Nick deliver? Yes. Not all of the credit goes only to Nick. He has surrounded himself with quality individuals who in their own right are true professionals!

    I don’t know if his right hand woman and right hand man would welcome me naming them on social media, so I will err on the side of caution, and profess that they each are a class act and make it their focus to make that company a value that you can trust.

    NVREA is quality training and subsequent service. This company has laid out a training curriculum which illustrates practical applications for this particular business. On that note, I will add that Nick Vertucci’s body of education goes beyond what you sign up for.

    What that means is that you think you are signing up to learn how to purchase and rehabilitate and sell houses. What you get are additional tools which educate you to earn multiple streams of income in areas you would not have otherwise known.

    On top of that they introduce you to other professional entities that are an absolute necessity for structuring your business. Especially if you are new starting a corporation. You don’t have to figure it out. They bring the whole package together for the students.

    These are all things that you ‘didn’t know that you didn’t know’. Without them bringing all of this together for you, most individuals would not be able to do it on their own. They don’t even advertise that. It is all a very pleasant perk. Not to mention a relief.

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