Adrian Morraz

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He’s a scammer. Adriano Morraz is a liar and a cheater. He has girls coast to coast while his girl back home. Total Fuckboy that doesn’t care about anyone, but himself. He has a cocaine, cigarette, stripper, alcohol and porn addition. He makes his dates pay for his meals as well as his gas. He’s always asking people to hold him to pay day to never give them their money back. He gets trashed every weekend in the clubs meeting different women who he can take home to fuck. If he gets them so drunk to the point they can’t consent to his sexual advances. You come across Adriano Morraz just the next exit out his life. Save yourself the trouble of the heartache, pain, domestic violence disputes, and the drama.

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4 reviews on Adrian Morraz

  1. He dated my friend for a month. I was really shocked when I was with them one night and he made her pay for his drinks and cab rent. He also asked her to give him some cash as he was out of money.

    He is disgusting and she realized it soon. It is better you do not fall into his not so cute face.

  2. Official Response

    I’m friends with him and his fiancé. He treats her mad disrespectful. She let him run all over her. She only with him for a green card. I swear to god I be praying that someone will come ruin their wedding for them to divorced. He’s trash no good to nobody’s life. Just an evil nightmare to avoid.

  3. She doesn’t wash her hands after using the bathroom.

    My friend is friends with his girlfriend. She is nasty. I was just recently at a Friendsgiving at my friend’s house and we all watch her drop food on the ground to try to serve it to people as well as cross contaminate the food she was going to cook. This is warning to don’t eat Adrian Morraz’s girlfriend cooking and baking, because you will get food poisoning.

  4. He is evil

    Adrian Morraz is not a good person to be associating with in your life. He will help you watch your own life fall apart as he used your unfortunate events as gain for his own. He is and his whole family cursed by witchcraft due to his stepmother or ex girlfriend? He is a walking vibe of bad luck. He will ruin your life with his curse to have all kinds of spirits in your home that you can’t get rid of. He knows he is curse and evil. He don’t care he will pretend like he is there for you, but have you left in the dust. He also practice witchcraft or has done some evil to animals. He doesn’t like animals at all. So be careful if you have a pet or a loved one. He has admitted to having people’s dogs poison and cats to died without any cause to their deaths. He’s even did witchcraft to make people not have no luck with being successful in their lives. He is Satan the devil. Even a higher power can’t lift that curse of him nor his family. The strongest of witches can’t get the spell off him if he up their becoming on of the evil witches. Stay away from him for your own safety.

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