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New Beginnings is the most disorganized rehab center

I signed up in January for their outpatient program and was charged $1066 for a month. I paid in cash to New Beginnings and there was no insurance coverage claimed. For what I paid, they put me in the group therapy sessions. It was the most unorganized and badly maintained group sessions. We were made to sit in a big hall with three different therapist windows. The room was filled with people and there was no room to breathe. I had to goose neck for listening to the therapist. For the entire month, I was not able to take benefit of the session and had to complain it to Colin. Colin was the in charge there and I joined for the sessions after consulting him. There were others who were regularly complaining about the same.

This was not it. The AC that they had installed in the room was not good enough to keep the room hot. Entire January, we had to spend our time shivering while trying to listen to our therapists. It was discomforting. I am very patient and wanted to handle the situation with calmness. But, the way they were ignoring our complains, clearly notified that they were not interested in fixing the issue. Many left in middle of the month and many tried to warn them of the consequences. I personally spoke with Colin many times and he gave me fake assurance every time. I knew I had spent money and there was no insurance that covered that amount for me. I had to utilize that amount somehow. I asked if they can refund the remaining amount. But, that was not in their terms and was very much understood. Instead of severe cold outside, they made us sit in the room whose AC was good for nothing.

Finally, after continuous complaints and watching people leave, the issue was resolved partially in February. The room was divided into two phases, phase one and phase two. This sorted our problems a little bit. For example, the AC started doing some job and the crowd was reduced. But, not enough to still give us the maximum benefit of the session. This was done after a month of suffering. After spending a month there, when I did not see much progress, I consulted Colin once again. This time, he assured that he would take care of the problems and gave example of the steps he took to retain his patients. He was great at convincing and I signed up for next two months. He told me that these sessions are best if taken for minimum of three months. I paid the amount upfront. They charged me a total of $3200 for three months.

My package included four personal sessions with the therapist which was rarely done in the month of January. When I joined for next two months, I requested for few one on one sessions extra apart from the ones I was already eligible for. I needed to take maximum advantage of the therapy and needed some personal attention. Colin said that it would not be a problem and that he would speak with Frank. Frank took all the decisions of the rehab center. Later, once I paid the amount, I asked about the promise he made for the personal session and he denied completely. He said that I can only have the assigned number of sessions and I needed to pay more, if I wanted to use more than the assigned number of personal therapy sessions. I was taken aback.

For these two months, I did not let them ignore my one on one sessions which they provided. I started to see some improvements. So, I wanted to join their program for one more month. It was still 15 days left of my package, when I informed Colin that I wanted to extend for a month. As usual, he said that it would be fine. For 15 days, I attended the sessions as per the schedule. Not to mention, the quality was not as great as I expected, but I could have paid for that much only. I worked in a company and was running through a tight schedule. New Beginnings was close to my place and was convenient to travel from work to the center and vice versa. This was the main reason, why I never thought of trying another center. Colin took as much advantage as he could. He knew I was tied up and shifting to a different center was never a choice for me.

When my three months were over, he asked me to come with the advance amount for the fourth month. He asked me to meet him the next day with the cash. I reached his office with $1066 in my pocket. He refused to take it. He said that the amount was increased to $1600 and he could only let me in for the session, if I paid that much amount. He also informed that the package now had 3 personal sessions instead of 4. For the first time, I got very irritated and asked for an explanation. Being an old customer, I did not expect him to charge me extra dollars. Even if he intended to, he would have informed me in advance. I asked him to wait for one more day so that I could bring the remaining amount.

The next day, when I reached the office of New Beginnings, I couldn’t find Colin. He was not in his place and I waited for him for few hours. When he did not turn up, I left for my office. I left many messages as well. The office informed me that he would be available after 15 days as he was on a vacation. I had his personal number. So, I called him on his mobile number. He told me that he would inform the office to let me in for the sessions. He said that I could pay once he was back. I was happy to feel that he cared. I reached to the session as per the scheduled time. No one had any objection. So, I continued for 2 days.

On the third day, when I arrived there, the nurses did not allow me to enter. I asked them to consult Colin. They said that they did not receive any message from Colin. Frank asked them not to allow me inside as I did not pay the amount for the fourth month. It was frustrating. I requested them if I could talk to Frank, but they said that he was busy. I tried calling Colin on his mobile, but he did not accept my call. Later, the number was switched off.

I could have enrolled again by paying them the amount. But, whatever they did, made me furious. I called their office and said that I would not be continuing anymore. They did not even bother. No one was ready to take responsibility of whatever mess they created. The center did not have an organized structure. Their left hand is not aware of what their right hand in doing. Nothing is in sync. So, I decided to discontinue using their program.

What I understood from my experience is that there are many centers that run for money and does not care about their customers wellness. New Beginnings is one among them. Staff at New Beginnings were not properly trained, and none of the patients ever made any remarkable recovery. What we see on internet is just an illusion. The real picture stays inside the center. I was fooled with their online reviews which I now understand, was all fake.

New Beginnings is not a rehab center but a place where patients are lured with fake promises and false commitments. You will find the staffs supportive only until you have not paid the amount in full. Once, you make that big mistake, they will take off their mask and will prove to you that they are the worst rehab center in the city.

I wanted to warn everyone out there, who are looking for a place to get back to a new life about this scam. This place is not at all recommended for anyone seeking help. Trainers and therapists least bother about the improvement. All they care about is spending their allotted time for which they are paid. Nurses never answer to any query and the medicines that they prescribe is not more than just vitamins. New Beginnings made me look like a fool. I would suggest not to let your loved ones get the same treatment and find some place that can provide the services according to the money that you pay.

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  1. New Beginnings recovery center scam

    New Beginnings should be shut down for fooling people. My friend went there for getting sober. All they did was, they made him isolated and he started staying away from his own friends and family. There was a huge change in his attitude that scared all of us. We consulted few people and they told us more about its scam.

    These people are scammers and nothing else. They made his insurance company pay a big amount and did nothing in return.

Reported Loss :3200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : leon.t
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