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National Tax are cheaters

California FTB sent me a tax lien and after that I received a mail solicitation from National Tax Experts, I called them to process the matter further. I talked to a person named Michael Deal. He was a representative at National Tax Experts.

He promised me that he would solve the problem at the earliest. He also promised that he would prepare as well as file the unfiled tax returns, for IRS and FTB for at least 4 years.

He said that he would place (if any) tax obligations which were in uncollectible status. He agreed to negotiate the payment plan on behalf of me for paying my tax obligations.

For all these services, we agreed on a total payment of $1000 to be paid in monthly installment of $200, every fifth day of the month.

After discussing everything in detail, I provided Michael my personal contact details and debit card information.

I clearly mentioned while talking to Michael that I wanted the deduction from my debit card to happen after 5th of every month, as I would have the funds ready to be paid by then.

To this, he assured me that I would be charged as per the specified terms. He suggested that he would be filing the file the appropriate documents against the tax lien with the FTB so that I would be relaxed by the Christmas holiday.

This all was an understanding and we had an oral contract for the same. After quite a few days, I received the softcopy of the agreement through an email that was completely different from what we discussed before.

The first mistake that I noticed was a payment schedule of $300 per month which rounded to a total payment of $1,500. It did not mention about preparing and filing all the unfilled tax returns. I right away made a call to Michael and reached his voice mail. I left a message with the problems I found out in the agreement.

I edited the document sent by him and signed and sent it back to Michael. I mentioned in the mail about the problems and the corrections I had made to the agreement.

I did not receive any reply from him that day and the next day was even more shocking. I received a notice which was sent from the bank about my account being overdrawn.

After checking my account, I discovered that National Tax Experts had deducted the amount of $300 before the specified date. This was unauthorized and was made before the set time.

I again wrote back to Michael and he apologized for the payment and sent me the corrected agreement copy with $200 per month fee.

However, he missed the other part again for filling the unfilled tax returns. I mailed him back and since then I have already sent him couple of mails.

But, he did not reply. The Christmas holiday is close, and I am sure I would have to worry about these things while hanging out with my family. Is this why I paid National Tax Experts?

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  1. National Tax Experts

    I can relate to all of the comments/issues posted against this company and, I am especially shocked with the owner constantly responding with: I can’t find you in the system (even after taking their payments for awhile)! I too have been a client for a couple of years with no positive results and, we are now back to “square one”.

    The first year after hiring them and paying them for their services, they have lost all of our paperwork 3 times, has not kept us updated on a regular basis unless, we call them first (after not hearing from them for months). Very unprofessional and a waste of time, money, and effort!!

    1. What is the owners name

  2. Take my word, contact State or Federal first

    I do some work regarding taxes, and I can assure you, contacting the state tax agency or the IRS is gonna get you far faster results. All that enforcement action that is threatened only happens if you ignore them.

    Contacting companies like NTE is a crap shoot at best. Seen it enough. You have the power to do anything yourself that these companies promise they can do for you.

  3. DId a great job for me

    National Tax Experts did a great job helping me resolve an issue I had with the IRS. I was late paying them and NTE got my penalties and interest removed and my total debt reduced by 90%. I would recommend them to anyone who has a tax or IRS problem.

  4. Don't Do It Yourself

    Had trouble with the IRS and called National Tax Service. They got my tax debt reduced and the IRS off my back. If you have an IRS problem then you need to call these guys now. Don’t wait because the interest and penalties can add up.

  5. Great, Thanks John

    Called these guys because the IRS was sending me letters about putting a lien on my property and seizing my assets. John Calhoun was my agent and really helped me get my problem fixed. I now owe the IRS nothing and am in the clear. What a RELIEF! Thanks Guys. I highly recommend this company.

  6. Good

    Did a good job.

  7. Pretty Good Service

    Well, they got my tax debt taken care of. The guy I dealt with smelled like cabbage and dirty socks. His name was Joe so try to get someone else. The second person I dealt with was Mary who was much better. Good Luck!

  8. Trust your Gut

    I received notices saying they would help me with my back sales taxes for the 6 months I was in business. I called National Tax Experts and after about an hour on the phone with Joe Dagilus my husband and I agreed to the $1500 (I was told I owed $10,000 in sales tax) payment, in 3 installments of $500 every 2 weeks on Saturdays. Debits came out when due, paperwork came in, filled out and sent back. This all happened the first of Nov 2017 and it still yet off my credit report, I am now getting phone calls from the attorney general to prosecute. So now I have to pull my records and contact the Attorney general to show that I paid what I thought was a litigate business to take care of this matter. Ive now come to realize I threw $1500 away on some jerk who conned me very well.
    Never again..
    National Tax Experts and Joe Dagilus are all rip offs. DON’T TRUST THEM AT ALL

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