Nancy Bogan

She scam my grandmother tarot readings

She scammed my grandmother in my grandfather through tarot readings this lady took our money this is a charlatan

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4 reviews on Nancy Bogan

  1. Again Arthur Mondeau is lying and grasping for straws

    The person that wrote this blog is also under a fake profile made by Arthur Mondeau. He had scammed Nancy Bogan and Lucinda Cawley (me).
    He scammed me and Nancy for about a grand total of around $4000, combined. Nancy reported Art on this site before me, and I found her. Just after coming off a road trip with Art that was fully paid by me. I spoke up as well and posted on this site on how Arthu Mondeau used me.
    He has been disrespectful and narcissistic. Like all narcissitss, Art posted lies about me and Nancy on this site. As for using him for sex as he claims, he needs to keep dreaming. This is a second post on false accusations from a pathological liar. He is angry because me and Nancy exposed him for what he was. Now this is just a fake blog post from Art, because he can no longer scam other women online like he use to.
    My advice is to leave it alone and grow up. Time to lie in the mess you made

  2. I have questions

    Being that this report is about me,Nancy Bogan,I have some questions.Here we go how was this done internet,social garthing,on tv….am pretty sure you live in Florida and I have never been to Florida so that rules out a social meeting,and I have never been on tv,as for the internet the proof is I have never silisted anyone on they internet I have proof of that.Now how did they pay me atm… would have proof of that.Please don’t say your grandparents are in a home because a nursing home would not allow this because it’s against the law which would be another face to face meeting and as I stated I have never been to would seem your fake report has some holes in it.

  3. I don't know what these ladies are talking about

    I can only go by my own experience this woman scam my grandmother out of money and now she’s trying to blame some guy for her problems beware of this lady she sounds like what the other people have been saying that she’s a charlatan in a scammer that reads tarot cards I don’t know who this Arthur mondeau is there talking about but the fact is that she ripped me and my

  4. Charlatan

    I think this woman is a detriment to society if she continues to rip older people off for tarot cards she preys on innocent old women it sounds like we reported her

Reported Loss :175 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : bethsilverton
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