Nancy Bogan

She scammed me out of $400 doing charlatan readings of tarot cards

She scammed me and family members out of money in readings of tarot cards yes I Googled her and found other people have had the same problems and then there’s women taking up for her but I know she stole money from me and my family doing readings so all I can tell you is the experience we had with her

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3 reviews on Nancy Bogan

  1. I have questions

    Being Nancy Bogan and ever meeting you my question is how was this done money order,atm with draw,checking,over the internet,all this would leave a paper trail.You can’t say in person because I have not at anytime in my life been to Florida and am sure that’s where this report was filed from.I am finding it strange that every time something is posted about Arthur Paul Mondeau these reports pop up where I have proof and a lot of texts messages I didn’t share because I saved them all.Well I guess I have been given little choice but to file a lawsuit against Mr.Mondeau hopefully he can produce you in court,but I highly doubt it considered you are as fake as this report.

  2. Charlatan I agree

    I see these women trying to cover up their lies all I know is that this woman took advantage of my grandmother and grandfather by doing tarot card readings so if I were you I wouldn’t believe anything they’re writing down just beware of this face that’s posted everywhere

  3. Charlatan scammer tarot cards

    Yes this lady ripped me in my family members off also I don’t know who this gentleman is they’re talking about but all I know is beware of her and yes she’s taking advantage of us also we made a report it’s all we could do and hopefully warn others of this person

Reported Loss :450 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : jenjohnson0055
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