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Their response to my complaint.

They are terrible. They lie about pricing and costs, move slow, and damaged almost every piece of furniture they touched. The movers started the clock and then took a 20 minute shit. They used 20+ rolls of tape when 6 would have sufficed. The job should have taken 3 hours and it took 6. When i tried to cancel the service after they showed up and tacked on a almost $200 “driving” charge, they guy gave me attitude on the phone and refused to give me my deposit back. Expensive wood furniture had chips and scratches all over, ruined. The mover smelled terrible to boot. I HATE this company.

Their response to my complaint, “We apologize sir, for the strong , hetrosexual, male odor . However it occurs constantly while we perform our job under 90 degree heat in DC area. Regarding the cost, everything was discussed prior to the move numerous times. If you failed to remember , I can not help you here, but do recommend to consume fruit/vegetables to improve the brain functionality.”

The mover showed up smelling like garbage BTW and as you can see they are taking 0 responsibility for the damage to furniture and are rewriting history in the agreed upon charges. TERRIBLE BUSINESS!!!!!! USE SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 reviews on Name Your Price Movers

  1. Name Your Price Movers Is Not Good Service Provide.

    Still no reply from them on the damage, the comment they posted here was not followed up on when I contacted them back…. it was simply to lead reviewers to think they would handle the claim.

  2. How about sorry my movers were rushing you, and we should have done a better job

    Name your price movers..more like pay for “every little thing” movers. I’m not even sure why they call themselves that. I did not see an option to name my price when I hired them to do some moving. Anyways, here’s the story: Had these guys come to move couple of beds and chest of drawers and few boxes from house to new apartment. Started off great, they showed up before actual arrival time, which was bit hectic as we were still packing things but I figured its good we can get out of the house and not hit much traffic.

    I told the movers I will be back as I had to get some things (Moving is always so stressful), while my girlfriend was still packing. While on my way back I get a call from my girlfriend saying they are ready to leave and are rushing to get out of here. I told her to make sure everything was in the truck before they left and she had to run after them to make sure they do not leave as he almost drove away.

    I came home and found out bunch of the stuff I wanted in the truck wasn’t in there. I called ALI and it was my word against his workers and he just kept saying, “what do you want me to say”. How about sorry my movers were rushing you, and we should have done a better job,

    even while I’m telling him I’m just calling to voice my dissatisfaction and not pointing fingers, he kept saying your girlfriend is an adult she should’ve told them to stay longer or put things in the truck. I was frustrated already due to moving and I did not need movers (who i’m paying for, rushing us to get things done faster).

  3. I would not recommend NYP Movers as the risk of damaging something and having to deal with post sales support is not worth it.

    As of last week Name Your Price Movers did stay true to their word and provided me with the agreed upon refund. I thank them very much for following through on their promise and want to make sure potential customers know this.

  4. I have enjoyed working with NYP Movers.

    Could not have asked for a better crew. Stas was the crew lead and he did a great job keeping things moving the whole time even with a complex set of multiple locations to pick up and deliver. I have enjoyed working with NYP Movers.

  5. They were timely, professional and just great to work with.

    They were timely, professional and just great to work with. They finished in the 4 hour window and smiled as we made them move things over and over again!

Reported Loss :100 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
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