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This was a terrrible experience for an expensive luxury treatment

BEWARE!!!! They are nice until you dare to question….Regina did a nice job on my lashes, however…and a big however…I went on vacation the next day and 2 days later the end lashes fell out. I texted her(as she told me she prefered texting) I told her the ends fell out and would she be able to fit me in on Monday to take a look. the response I got back I had to read 3 times and to my husband to see if I was overreacting.

It was all in caps and basically said this can’t be my work…you must have done something wrong..I told you they might only last a week…ok..1, I was as careful , or more careful than she told me to be….2 even if she told me a week(which she never did…I don’t know about most people but I wouldn’t have spent $175 plus $25 tip for one week) If you go to any other place they tell you 4-6 weeks. OK..even if it was a was 3 days…She was as rude as could be and then told me to come in and she will fix them becasue I gave her a tip!!!

When I went in she wouldn’t look at me and the only thing she said to me was that obviously the corner lashes were to long for my very thin lashes. she said that as it was my fault..who is the lash expert here… I tried to give her another tip for her time and she physcally backed away from me and said I don’t want anything from you….

Now…it always stems from the top. I called the owner and I was quite nice, saying I owned a store and would want to know this. Instead of saying she was sorry, she said,..nobody has ever complained before she is a good employee..People always try to get lashes put on again as they expect that they will last forever…basically the same attitude as her employee….a simple I am sorry would have been a better idea..I was looking for nothing but that.

This was a terrrible experience for an expensive luxury treatment..that should have been a fun and pleasant experience. By the way I don’t believe it was the first time…Regina and I got along especially well when she put them on, and she truned on me like I have never seen when I dared to question her work!!!Go at your own have been warned!!!!!!

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