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My Lineage is scamming people from military services

I used to work for My Lineage Inc. The company headquarter is in San Diego. It is distressing to affirm that this company which specifically serves the most honoured department of the country, the military services and the Armed Forces, is misleading the department in the name of quality and their methodology. No one can give an insight about the lies that the company is spreading, other than a former employee himself. So, here is the truth about the company that everyone should know.

The sales people are trained and given a verbatim to lure clients. The script is designed by the top order, one being an Irishman. The script does not provide the half truth about the company. For example, the script suggests that the research is carried by the European professional historians. However, this is fake. If they consider their Epson Printer holding bachelor’s degree and claims it to be professional historian, then they need help.

Another claim that they flaunt about is their connection with AAFES or the MCX or NEX. If they say that they are a part of these organization, they are lying. They only pay for the retail space, being a third-party vendor. I cannot claim that these companies know about the overcharges and the additional cost that Lineage is asking on their name. There could be two possibilities. Either these companies do not know about the rates or they are simply happy about getting their cuts.

They lie about the time it takes to complete the research. According to them, it takes months. However, it not takes more than 74 hours. And to copy paste research, from Historical Research Center, it would come free of cost from one of their websites. And the time can be negotiated for money for less than the 74 hours mark.

On top of all this, the company says that the swords are full tang. I am not an expert on this, but a sword that is machine made and not even sharp can be considered custom made with 440 folds? Their shield offer is even more hilarious. They claim that they replicate the shields that were used by their ancestors in the battles. But, they offer one size that fits all, without considering any ancestry consideration.

The price takes it all. The company claims that they offer 40% discount to the military services and can be the biggest discount to be availed. However, the actual price for these swords are not more than half of what they offer to the armed forces.

So, if you ever want to be bombarded by lies and fake stars, sign up for the army and reach Fort Benning where you will find Sonny Garcia or any other affiliate taking about the wonderful things that do not stand true in any respect.

Be wise and think before dealing with them. I am sure, no exchange would take guarantee of the product that they sell.


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