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John Musca is a fraudulent lawyer and a salesman - Do not consult Musca Law Firm

I was in trouble with DUI first offense. I knew that the charge was not severe. So, I did not think twice before lawsuit and appointing the attorney. I called Musca Law firm to schedule a meeting. They asked me to come for discussing the case with an attorney.

I reached there on time and the meeting started as per the schedule. John Musca is the founder of the company and is very shrewd. While we were talking, he made it sound so easy to win the case. That is the reason, I would rather consider him a salesman than to label him as an attorney. He did not do anything to get the case moving for a bit.

He assigned me another attorney. Her name was Casey Bryant. While I was telling her about the case, she seemed relaxed and that was something I did not like. I asked if she was at all bothered about his client. To which she smiled and told me that the case has nothing to worry about.

I think, John has trained everyone in his firm and knows how to break the ice. I got into the brainwashing. I did not know that even a small allegation if tailored can become a serious offence. Everything depended on the rival party.

However, they did not do anything to get an insight of the case that they were preparing. Their charges were also sky rocketed. I was not denying paying. But, it should have seemed justified. If the case was so much easier to be turned in my way, what those charges were for.

I realized soon before they could have made any serious issue of the case and took the second opinion. After talking to the other lawyer, I realized how important it was to seek a legal aid which this company was not in a mood to provide.

They were only asking for money and whenever I tried to seek explanation, they would divert the entire topic. They told me to worry about the hearing instead of the cost that was paid to them. It went like that for some time and when I did not see any result coming, I changed my lawyer.

Casey did not find it her responsibility to explain me for the loss they made me go through. They did not even reach to ask me for reconsidering them. That clearly proves that they were into my money and not the case.

They are unprofessional con artist who only know how to brainwash and convince people for opting them over others. I had a very bad experience with them and would suggest everyone to stay far away from Musca law firm and any of their attornies.

Instead of making it simpler for you, they will make it even worse. So, seek someone else if you truly want to stay out of trouble that these guys can get you into.

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  1. John Musca a fake lawyer

    John Musca is a crook do not give him penny. He will run away with your money, he will send their junior to fight against your case, are we paying for your junior assisted personal or you?

    I do not recommended to file lawsuit with john musca at all

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Approved Date:January 9, 2017
Reported Loss :1695 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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