Mrs Freda

Woman contacted me wishing to place a Norwex order. I received a check for $1950.00. Her order was. For $265. She claimed her secretary sent the wrong amount and wished for me to wire the funds back to her. Obviously I suspected the check was fraud. When I refused to send money to her she said she would get her lawyer involved. I told her not to contact me again the check was verified to be unable to be paid by the bank it was drawn on.

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3 reviews on Mrs Freda

  1. Angelina Ervin

    Shes’s still at it, except this time she goes by Angelina Ervin. She contacted me and tried to scam me out of nearly
    $300 in lularoe. I spent a lot of time so she could choose items after she told me she had a hearing disability. As soon as it was time for payment, she said she’d send me a cashier’s check. I said no and that I’d need a credit card. Then she said she lost it at a water park the week prior and all she could do was send a cashier’s check. I called her out. Total scammer! Glad I didn’t ship anything to her. Just wasted my time.

    1. Kelli Reed

      Ugh! She just did it to me. Same BS story about losing it at a water park. Different name….Kearns Jacob

    2. Private

      She must have been trying to scam as many as she could! She tried ordering $416 worth from me, but when I got sick and couldn’t answer her messages for a few days, she disappeared. Thank goodness I found this site! FYI she went by Kim Lamb and had a hearing disability as well

  2. Be Careful

    I received a message from a woman (with this same number) named Kim Lamb posing as a deaf mother of 3 wanting to purchase $416 worth of LuLaRoe. Thankfully I had gotten sick and wasn’t answering messages for a few days and haven’t heard from her since our last conversation over a week ago. After offerering to send her pictures, she discontinued all contact with me, probably thinking I was on to her the entire time. I have had too many people from NYC try to hack into my bank account, so I hope this scam artist gets locked up. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but the entire situation just didn’t sit well with me.

  3. True!!

    This “Kim Lamb” contacted me about an order for her daughter’s wedding, in a very poorly written email, claiming to have a hearing disability and know nothing of computers. She offered to send me a cashiers check up front and then I could ship her the merchandise once it cleared. No thank you! She’s contacted me about paparazzi as well! Beware!

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