placed order, paid money but not delivered

I placed my order and paid. They claim to have sent it with who also scammed me out of $250. never delivered my parcel and mr cannabis australia would not resend my order without me paying an extra $100 shipping fee.  I sent that money Bitcoin but they claim to have never received it along with another $250 paid previously. After several emails later I still don’t have my order and they have not refunded my money. Total loss inclydes bitcoin fees and bank fees and $350 they claim not to received.No reply to any emails for over 2 weeks.

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  1. Awesome company to order from

    I will be ordering from this company exclusively from now on. I was super impressed with the discreet shipping and also how fast it arrived only took 9 days from order was placed until it arrived at my Post Office in the BRISBANE . Seeds look to be super high quality and I can’t wait to get them growing!!

    1. Filthy liars. I knew as soon as I saw the ‘’ box. No history of them ever existing or any reviews, only one person on here saying 5 stars. Fraudulent, SAVE YOUR PENNIES

  2. Scanned by Mr Cannabis

    I sent $150 in bitcoin to this company who first told me its OK to buy half ounce of weed. Then after I sent my money, made out they only sell ounces. They said little hereafter and then I asked but aren’t you going to send back my money, then they replied yes…then the live chat stopped and I spent an hour to get through but to no avail. They blocked my so I couldn’t phone through. Sent 3 emails…no answer called next day…dumb reply….i realised they giving me the cold shoulder. They’re a rip off company that should be investigated by the law. They write their own reviews…criminals…you gonna get caught out

  3. Scammed too by this fake company

    was also scammed by these crooks. Lost $150 to these thieves in bitcoin. They use a mirror website purporting to sell medical cannabis and they fool people by not only writing their own reviews, filtering out negative reviews, but they even have a chat room. When you try n call back to inquire about your deal, they block your number. Mr cannabis is run by Asian criminal gangs and they have a mastermind behind their setup. When authorities try to close their site, they simply change their web address. Be warned. Don’t try n buy cannabis online, you’ll lose your money. These bastards should be in jail.

Reported Loss :1158 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : david-widdon
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