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If Dr. Ali Mosharrafa would have done what he took an oath to do, we, the HARMED and DISFIGURED patients of his, would not have to be taking our time posting negative reviews about him. Until justice prevails, I will not stop! I am one of many who have been harmed…at least four other individuals I know continue suffering today as well.

Not all patients will have complaints against this doctor. Does he pick and choose who he will take his time with and use the skills he took an oath to use? It has been suggested to me that my age and/or religion could have been factors for him treating me the way he did. Was this the case, Dr. Mosharrafa? What kind of a doctor leaves his sick patients high and dry?

All I know is that I was healthy going into my surgery, but very unhealthy coming out of it. How do you live with yourself, Dr. Mosharrafa?

Instead of fixing surgeries, where individuals have been harmed or disfigured by Dr. Mosharrafa, he threatens to sue us…the victims. Who should be suing who? He has threatened me with a lawsuit. I am the good guy, but I have to live today with disgusting scars behind my ears, bald spots on my scalp, and an uneven, fallen right eye. These are the better results that came from my surgery.

He left me with a corneal erosion that my corneal surgeon told me was three days away from becoming a corneal transplant. It was caused from a bacterial-infested eye cup used in surgery. Are you kidding me? This doctor never showed remorse. He took my money and then abandoned my health care. Is this the plastic surgeon you want to entrust with your life? His professional pledge was to do “No Harm”.

I have visited other doctors for their opinions on how to rectify the “numerous” problems he created for me. These doctors just shake their heads. It was Dr. Mosharrafa who told me to go to other plastic surgeons because he did not want to hear my complaints or work with me any longer. Wow! Right the wrongs, Dr Mosharrafa or refund our monies so we can go elsewhere and have a respectable plastic surgeon correct our disfigurements.

I can only say that I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life having Dr. Ali Mosharrafa remove, what was supposed to be, a few unwanted wrinkles. The joke is that he did not do what was even asked of him! I have cried too many tears, but I cannot and will not stop because I do not want what has happened to me to happen to anyone else!

I know that when you blog/post the truth, or if it is the opinion of the writer, it becomes “Freedom of Speech”. I promise you…..all that I have posted is the God’s honest truth! You cannot make up lies like this..

How do you live with yourself, Dr. Mosharrafa? Even one wronged patient is too many!!!! Every human makes mistakes in life, but the ones who are professionals are commended because they step up to the plate and right their wrongs. Why do you choose not to do this, Dr. Mosharrafa? Instead, you leave us as victims who are sad, mad, disfigured and dismayed.

Please note: The Arizona Medical Board is a self-serving board of doctors and has chosen to ignore all the complaints registered against this doctor. Go figure that one out. So, where do you go to ensure that you are knowledgeable and unharmed by a sub-standard plastic surgeon in Arizona? I wish I could tell you. The Arizona Medical Board has also had its share of documented and substantiated complaints against it. It’s a sad scenario for Arizona!

disgusting scars behind my ears, bald spots on my scalp, and an uneven, fallen right eye

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  1. The results were amazing and I am so happy with it!

    Dr. Tamir and Dr. Ali Mosharrafa are by far the best plastic surgeons in the valley. I went there to get a nose job and could not have been happier with the experience.

    Rhinoplasty is a tough surgery to get right because of how meticulous it is… The results were amazing and I am so happy with it!

Reported Loss :600 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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