Monte Plaisance

Con artist occult leader movie producer

Mr Plaisance is a con artist. He starts businesses and ask for investors. He never repays any investors. He has a felony criminal record of burglary from 90-93. Then he became an occult leader and scammed people to invest in a museum that he did not own. Now he’s claiming to be a movie producer after buying a camera and attempting to get investors. He’s holding auditions at the Hampton Inn in Houma Louisiana this weekend. He has stolen and ran up credit cards and will continue to do so. I have foolishly been frauded and scammed by him for close to 50,000.00.

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  1. Well now....

    This person, Jamie Authement, is actually my ex and is obviously quite bitter that I have moved on without her. The only fraud that was committed was the day she convinced me that she could love anyone but herself. How could I have frauded her out of $50,000 that she never had. Especially after I payed the down payment on a house, paid for the majority of the surgery that saved her life and covered all her mortgage payments, utilities and car insurance for an entire year while she went to school. And all of this money I put out was EARNED BY HARD WORK. No, if anyone is the fraud it’s her with this post. I will admit to failed business ventures in the past, but an investor knows there is a risk. Honestly, people lose money on legitimate investments everyday.
    This is an obvious attempt to slander my name out of spite because she cannot handle me having any success without her leeching off of my hard efforts.
    Honestly separating myself from this person has been the greatest boon to my life. She can say what she wants, but truth always prevails.
    As far my movie production, it is a legitimate LLC company and while we are seeking investors, all money invested thus far has come out of my own pocket. We have actual professional actors, a director and film crew coming in from L.A. to work on this. It is completely legitimate and I have no problems showing potential investors all the books and expense reports. Jamie Authement has not been involved or even in contact with myself for over two years or anyone involved in the production at anytime, so she is unable to give any accurate account of anything going on with myself or my company.

Reported Loss :50000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Jamieauthement
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