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This is poor customer service and poor patient care

I would rate less than ZERO if I could. RUN from this practice!!!!! My Daughter came home from college with an urgent GYN issue, I was excited to see that MomDoc had extended hours and was on my health plan so I called immediately at 8:15 on a Saturday for an appointment.

The intake person was nice and was able to schedule a 2:50 appointment. I offered to email my insurance card and was told to just bring it to the appointment. We arrived at the appointment about 10 minutes early expecting to have to do some paperwork.

As my daughter checked in she was told she was too late and needed to be there at 2:30 to be seen and they would have to reschedule to Monday. I advised the intake clerk that this couldn’t wait until Monday and we were trying to avoid an urgent care or emergency room visit.

I also stated that I was told by the scheduler that we were to be there at 2:50, not 2:30. The clerk went back into the office and said she couldn’t help. I asked to speak with the provider. The provider refused to come out and they stated she was with a patient. I advised the clerk that this was urgent and I needed to talk to the person in charge.

That supervisor wasn’t onsite, they called her and she arrived 10 minutes later, I told her we could have had all the paper work done in the time it took for them to tell me we were late. The supervisor proceeds to tell me we were suppose to be there at 2:20. So is it 2:30 or 2:20?? They are liars! She cites policy and says there is a 15 minute grace period which we missed. If we were suppose to be there at 2:30 and got there at 2:40 we were in the window of time. Still the supervisor refused to be flexible or understand the urgency of the situation.

I ask if they have no critical thinking, this is important that the patient is seen, we’ve wasted more time than the appointment or the paper work could have had. if this wasn’t urgent it could have waited. She said “I understand your frustration”, which of course she didn’t, or she would have made it right, not made excuses. The supervisor refused to give me the owner of the practice or her supervisors phone numbers and said they can’t give out personal numbers. Like they don’t have office phones.

I indicated that this is poor customer service and poor patient care. She didn’t care. I advised that I would rate them low and tell everyone I know how terrible the service is and that I would be calling the health plan to do a formal quality of care concern. There was no one in the waiting room, and several staff sitting around. I believe they were lazy and wanted to get out early. I said this is BS and the supervisor was like, “you need to leave now”

NO concern for the patient, no flexibility, no care, this is a terrible practice. Clearly the staff does not know or understand the brand promise of “MomDoc is YOU Centered” It’s more like, how can I get rid of these people. The staff are very unprofessional. Do not go to this group! Find a OB/GYN who employs professional staff. As we left, the supervisor said “have a nice day, and have a nice life” She was clearly uneducated and unprofessional.

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  1. MomDoc Women for Women Is Scammer.

    I don’t think I want to go back to this dr. Office.. I waited in the room for one hour and 15 mins.. I just had to walk out there.. I wasn’t happy going there

Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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