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This is poor customer service and poor patient care

I would rate less than ZERO if I could. RUN from this practice!!!!! My Daughter came home from college with an urgent GYN issue, I was excited to see that MomDoc had extended hours and was on my health plan so I called immediately at 8:15 on a Saturday for an appointment.

The intake person was nice and was able to schedule a 2:50 appointment. I offered to email my insurance card and was told to just bring it to the appointment. We arrived at the appointment about 10 minutes early expecting to have to do some paperwork.

As my daughter checked in she was told she was too late and needed to be there at 2:30 to be seen and they would have to reschedule to Monday. I advised the intake clerk that this couldn’t wait until Monday and we were trying to avoid an urgent care or emergency room visit.

I also stated that I was told by the scheduler that we were to be there at 2:50, not 2:30. The clerk went back into the office and said she couldn’t help. I asked to speak with the provider. The provider refused to come out and they stated she was with a patient. I advised the clerk that this was urgent and I needed to talk to the person in charge.

That supervisor wasn’t onsite, they called her and she arrived 10 minutes later, I told her we could have had all the paper work done in the time it took for them to tell me we were late. The supervisor proceeds to tell me we were suppose to be there at 2:20. So is it 2:30 or 2:20?? They are liars! She cites policy and says there is a 15 minute grace period which we missed. If we were suppose to be there at 2:30 and got there at 2:40 we were in the window of time. Still the supervisor refused to be flexible or understand the urgency of the situation.

I ask if they have no critical thinking, this is important that the patient is seen, we’ve wasted more time than the appointment or the paper work could have had. if this wasn’t urgent it could have waited. She said “I understand your frustration”, which of course she didn’t, or she would have made it right, not made excuses. The supervisor refused to give me the owner of the practice or her supervisors phone numbers and said they can’t give out personal numbers. Like they don’t have office phones.

I indicated that this is poor customer service and poor patient care. She didn’t care. I advised that I would rate them low and tell everyone I know how terrible the service is and that I would be calling the health plan to do a formal quality of care concern. There was no one in the waiting room, and several staff sitting around. I believe they were lazy and wanted to get out early. I said this is BS and the supervisor was like, “you need to leave now”

NO concern for the patient, no flexibility, no care, this is a terrible practice. Clearly the staff does not know or understand the brand promise of “MomDoc is YOU Centered” It’s more like, how can I get rid of these people. The staff are very unprofessional. Do not go to this group! Find a OB/GYN who employs professional staff. As we left, the supervisor said “have a nice day, and have a nice life” She was clearly uneducated and unprofessional.

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8 reviews on MomDoc Women for Women

  1. MomDoc Women for Women Is Scammer.

    I don’t think I want to go back to this dr. Office.. I waited in the room for one hour and 15 mins.. I just had to walk out there.. I wasn’t happy going there

  2. Waste of time!

    Waste of time! Waited for an hour when the doctor came in while I was in the bathroom, so she left and we lost our place in line! If she had waited two seconds I would have been back! Pregnant ladies gotta pee you know. She didn’t even tell us we had been skipped, or that she “was behind”, and we had our ten month old with us past her nap time by then. It was a simple monthly check up, and the visit only takes a few minutes. No one

    apologized or took responsibility. Someone came in a few minutes later and said we could wait until the doctor was done with the next patient, or see a NP. She was also a bit rude and talked over my husband when he asked why they don’t schedule appointments further apart. We are expected to keep our appointments, so should they.

    We were so upset we left without rescheduling. We are looking for another office, since she is the only doctor at this location. Next time, I will read the reviews first, since this is apparently a chronic problem with this office!

  3. I was so excited to come here and I regret even wasting my time.

    I was so excited to come here and I regret even wasting my time. Be ready to spend about 2 hours in total just to be seen. They make you call your insurance to see if they cover specific things like you would think that’s their job to do to verify,

    theirs so many MAs their and not one can call to see if your insurance would cover an NT scan to see if your baby is healthy.Dr Allen was awesome but what makes it bad is all the lazy MAs and the PA there doesn’t even do anything when she sees you and is rude and takes forever to see you for nothing.

    I had to go in and do a release form so they could transfer my care and they had 3 weeks to do it and couldn’t even do that so my new ob didn’t have my records today.Thank goodness I switched to Estrella women’s center .

  4. Providers and Nurses here are amazing.

    Providers and Nurses here are amazing. Always friendly and let me know when provider may be running a little behind. Got my IUD here with Provider Freida and she was so gentle and walked me through the entire procedure. I would recommend these ladies to anyone!!

  5. Very frustrating their whole process is very archaic.

    It’s one of the worst places to go. I gave my blood test 5 days ago and results are not yet in. Today they said the results have come in but it will take 7 more days to get the records. Very frustrating their whole process is very archaic.

  6. The company all together is horrible.

    The company all together is horrible. Mom doc refuses to take action for what they wrongfully do. You can never get in contact with the correct people. Or anyone higher up in the company to speak with. Mom doc sent the wrong codes to the labs so I was wrongfully charged.

    They then had me running circles around trying to contact people. I eventually paid the bill because they never took action. While trying to fix the problem I learned that they didn’t even know who my doctor was.

  7. so that is very frustrating.

    I’ve been a patient at Mom Doc Deer Valley for about 3 years. I’ve gotten my birth control through them with no issues and a pregnancy exam before I miscarried at 12 weeks. I’d just like to say how absolutely DISSATISFIED I am with this office. I’ve only seen the same doctor twice in 3 years, it seems to have a really high turn over there, so that is very frustrating.

  8. Never again.

    My PA at the appointment made me feel like my past DOCTOR was wrong in her diagnosis for endometriosis. I moved to AZ from a different state and need something done about the pain I am in. This PA basically shut down my request for continuing the process for oblation.

    AND my labwork that was done… No call, letter, nothing with results. I have had to multiple times get someone to tell me what the results are. Turns out I have to pay for another office visit to hear. Nice! Never again.

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