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I now rate them 1 star.

I used Mill Direct based on the advice of a realtor. I assumed this to be a good sign that a realtor would send people there, and I was impressed with their selection, prices, and professionalism in the store. We had both carpet and engineered wood floors installed, with the engineered wood glued down. When our floors were first installed, they looked great and I would have recommended them to anybody (and did). I now rate them 1 star.

Here’s why: The quality of wood (product) was great. The carpet was great. In the first few days, there were a few things that we observed that needed small fixes, and they jumped right on it. After two weeks, we started noticing more issues. Gaps of 2-3 mm showed up in a few places; planks were coming unglued and creating “soft” spots (where you can feel the wood give as you walk)– some areas this resulted in air poofing up at us and in other areas this created a clicking sound; planks popping up at the seam to create ridges along long runs. Areas that so unlevel that it felt as if we had arch support when walking with bare feet; when they moved our dishwasher to install under there they didn’t reattach it to the underside of the cabinet making it useless. We brought all these issues up, and our salesman eventually came out to look at the job a month after the install. He agreed that it wasn’t up to their standard and that had he known we had a concrete subfloor, he would have had a different installer come out because the one that did show was not keen to work with concrete and it appears he didn’t do the necessary prep work. We said we wanted the entire woof floor redone (only 500sqft).

2 weeks after his visit (a month and a half after the install was completed), we were told that based on discussion with other installers, all the areas coming unglued were likely because of the age of the subfloor and that nothing would change this, including a full reinstall; and thus they wanted to replace just the kitchen (which was really bad) and nothing else. Now, I have a hard time believing this because 1) we replaced a wood floor that was already installed and was perfectly flat for the 5 years we had already lived there 2) other people have wood floors installed in my building with no problem 3) if the kitchen can be fixed/made flat, the entire floor should. I rejected the decision to replace only part of the floor.

I’m now waiting on a manager/owner to reach out to me. It’s been almost two weeks since I was told it needed to escalate higher above the sales team (almost 2 months since the install and 6+ weeks since I started noting problems), and it’s been two days since I called and was told (because it was after 5pm) that the person I needed to speak with wasn’t available, but the manager said I should receive a call the next day.

I believe the folks that own/operate the business are dedicated to their work and have heard good reviews from others (a realtor for example that would not send people looking for floors for their soon to sell home to a place that they have had bad experience with), but offer this as a warning for “if it doesn’t go right, it could take a long time to make it right” .

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  1. Mill Direct Floor Coverings Is Scammer.

    I purchased and had Mill Direct (MD) Install CoreTec Plus flooring manufactured by USFloors in 2014 for a playroom approximately 25′ x 20′ room with closets (at a cost of $7500). the planks began separating in MANY places. While MD did come back once and “push” them back together, that did not last long,

    they are simply not holding together. In addition, some of the planks chipped, warped and buckled. Whether its a failure of install or manufacture is unclear. Mill Direct did nothing as its warranty ran out after the first. US Floors came with a “ten” warranty, however, USFloors declined to honor the warranty because our children played on it. USFloors advertises on its website that its planks are “100% waterproof” and that:

    1. “COREtec planks won’t warp or buckle no matter how wet they get. In other words, they can handle a lot more than daily spills and muddy footprints.” and

    2. “Our patented core structure makes COREtec the original 100% waterproof, kidproof, petproof flooring by providing more rigidity, stability and comfort than glue down LVT, solid locking LVT, or laminate flooring.”

    My flooring didn’t even get wet. So be mindful that if you do purchase USFlooring planks and they do warp or buckle (and separate), good luck in having them remediated. Now I have to replace the floor at my own cost. I suggest looking at an alternative to Mill Direct and USFloors.

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Low
Reported by : anonymous
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