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I certainly did not receive any "quality care" from this office

To set the records straight, there was no assault of any employee. Assault is a very serious term to use and as adults, you should not be loosely throwing around this word. People get physically hurt from the result of assault and this was certainly not the case. I will not deny that a tissue was thrown, but it was thrown in her direction with my back facing her and it could not have picked up enough movement to touch her due to air resistance.

While you “strive” to ensure satisfaction, I certainly did not receive any “quality care” from this office. I was told too many times for payment prior to the completion of the treatment, which completely contradicts your claimed practice. What if my retainers didn’t fit and I had to come back yet again? Would I still be required to pay before I went in to even try them on? No. Kim acted in an unreasonable manner and this should not be overlooked.

I am highly disappointed in the responses I received, both in the office and on my previous review. Multiple members of my family were patients at this same office, totaling treatment of over $20K, paid all out of pocket as our insurance did not cover it. I asked for a simple discount as many treatment plans do come with replacement retainers, and who knows, maybe my plan did come with it and I am just not being told this.

I reviewed the total cost of the treatment in my file and there is absolutely no breakdown of any costs, which leads to major suspicion. My previous statement still holds: I hope Kim gets fired for unacceptable conduct.

My actions were justified in every single way, and it is rude and immature to negatively comment back in the way that Dr. Milestone, or whoever is responsible, did. I do not deserve to be treated this way and as a business, you should understand that the customer is ALWAYS right.

Additionally, as per the sign posted in your waiting area, I am now entitled to two Starbucks gift cards as this is now my second review.

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2 reviews on Milestone Orthodontics

  1. Milestone Orthodontics Not Service Provide.

    Horrible experience! Made my tmj pain and sleep apnea 10x worse. A into treatment, while I was complaining about the pain, he had the nerve to ask me to get his daughter a job in my line of work.

    He tried to unlawfully bribe me into dropping the charges with the state dental board. Would’nt recommend to my worse enemy.

  2. I recommend his office to everyone with great confidence.

    Dr. Milestone and his staff are top notch. They are warm, professional and very good at discussing any options available for orthodontic treatment. I am still in the middle of treatment but am so happy I found his office. Irecommend his office to everyone with great confidence.

Reported Loss :250 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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