Attention : this guy is in dirty hacking activities and dirty connections and he certainly uses it for his own benefit

informations :

This person, who is known by his nickname, is the founder of the site named ScamWarners and he is make a victim many people.in real life This person really leaves the any people in a very difficult situation.they they declare that they are doing voluntary services, but in same time they are only victims of innocent people with the hope that many of this writing will help people im can share details he is working .we have decided to open ourselves because they have continued to communicate badly violation with us a lot of times,this article is a warning for people who are completely honestly be carefull


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he is company


Connectica LLC

8499 West Commercial Blvd

Tamarac, Florida 33351

Toll Free: (877) 816-2259

Local: (954) 282-1698


also he is working for social media porchehangout .


He is Name : lan Gereda

he is phone in +19549142989

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


[email protected]connecticallc.com- [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] – mike – [email protected][email protected]


they can come to you with very different names.and they working for social media porchehangout like seo with his company but same time they are contunied hack activity in internet and his youtube canal explain how do hack mails .they are tell we are any volunteer service to scamwarners.com but they are purpose different.

they are make victim many person without evidence and they are definitely not right EXCEPT ANY EXCEPTIONS

contact us for more information please

this is a totally voluntary service and no wage is demanded to warn our people and stop them being victims


this guy is in dirty hacking activities and dirty connections and he certainly uses it for his own benefit be carefull
we will continue our honest volunteer services with our new internet site in short time.

the above information can be accessed explicitly because his informations public professional whois records . victims and interested parties can be sued demands


SCAMWARNERS.COM – https://porschehangout.com/ – https://www.connecticallc.com/

( stolen names ) ALAN JONES – BRYON WILLIAMS


Real Name : LAN GEREDA



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  1. Where are all the reviews? Something doesn’t smell right. Either they were taken off. I am sure people would review either positive or negative reviews. The fact they don’t quote the full price is a red flag. I want a dog but there are many rescue places. I would hate to think this place that is offering more than 1 dog when I asked for 1 is not a puppy mill. I need to speak to them and need to find those reviews.

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