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Michael Bach Drezden Capital LLC Fraud and Fake Lender

Drezden Capital LLC is located in Atlanta and is run by Michael Bach. The company is an investment firm that deals in private equity and securities. His company fakes all the services and works for phishing your bank account routing. He will lie to you for buying your company and promise to transfer you the money. He will even prepare the fake sale agreement document.

It is surprising, but true that he is not licensed and his investment banking is operated illegally. He is also reported to carry Ponzi scheme. The more you will try to uncover the truth behind his identity, you will be disgusted further.

He has criminal record and this can easily be verified through the Virginia. Here, he was charged for ruse, procuring money under untrue pretenses and various other charges. He was arrested and was convicted. Sterling family had to suffer a lot of damage because of his scam. After this, he shifted to Atlanta where he is operating Drezden Capital Investment.

I am sure after knowing all this, no one would try to test his intentions. That is the reason why he moved to another city. He keeps luring people to get in the trap and scam them with their money and savings. Not only companies, but he has scammed individuals as well.

He always has a lot to say and knows how to impress others. He maintains his personality and keeps him up to date with the current trends. You will find him wearing expensive suits and travelling in nice cars. He maintains all this to fool people and give a fake impression to others.

His shell company named, Scirage Captial Partners LLC. Is also listed on linkedin and he claims to be a fund manager.

Michael is the name, Clifton Odell Boyd Jr changed after filing a petition. He did this after he was linked to many scams and Michael is the name he changed to. But, sooner or later, truth becomes obvious. Clifton Odell Boyd Jr requested for a name change and this is all because to freshen up his reputation among people whom he wants to rip off.

So, if you hear about Michael Bach or Clifton Odell Boyd Jr, remember that they both are the same person and he is there to fool people and launder money for his interest. He is a con artist and can scam you before you would realize it to be too late.

He has many companies which he entitles as his major clients and sometimes will give you fake history of his experience. To know about him better, google from his old name. You will find many serious charges under his name. You can try to find pictures of him on the internet and you will know that they both are same person.

Do not believe with your money on Michael and Drezden Capital Investment, or any other company he is associated with. He will rip you off and will take away your money.

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4 reviews on Drezden Capital

  1. Michael Bach

    Michael lured me into selling my company and showed me all the fake documents. He scammed my $20000 and made me go after him for months. But, we never got hold of him.

    He is the master of all scammers and can come with different avatars. A jerk.

  2. Drezden Capital Review

    Michael Bach promised for a high return and made me believe that his offer was the best. We went through all the paper work and paid him the refundable amount that he told will return back with the complete offer.

    He never called me back and when I tried to contact his office, the number was incorrect.

  3. Michael Bach Review

    I was going to meet a different investor when he called me. I am not sure from where he got my number. He even knew that I was meeting someone else and offered a 20% better deal.

    I was trapped and he scammed me. Sometimes the goodness is not as sweet as it feels.

  4. Michael Bach scam

    Michael is a fraud and has victimized many others. I am among those and know how far he can get to have his cards placed right.

    An idiot.

Atlanta GA US
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Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
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