MI Global Retailer

Reship stolen items

They send u stolen packages and want u to remove all the invoices and reship it to another address in the state and promise 2000 for salary..

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7 reviews on MI Global Retailer

  1. Cannot contact them after 3 week's work

    I shipped out 12 packages for them then I received about 20 envelopes for
    different people with my address — and cannot contact the company to find
    out what to do with them – have been working for them for 3 weeks so expect
    to be paid next week but looks like that won’t happen

    1. Seems this is a scam, they have on the day of the so called pay date have logged me off access to their shipping system,and no one responds to your e-mails or calls.

    2. DON’T DO IT Total Scam

      I’ve received and shipped about a dozen package for them. Today 7/27/18 I was supposed to get paid but that direct deposit didn’t drop and I can’t get in contact with them, they’ve kicked me off the portal I can’t even sign in. This week I haven’t gotten any packages which was weird so I figured this job could be fluke for real. I have one package from last week they haven’t even told me what to do with it. This job is a total scam and I think they’re stealing people’s stuff and sending it to other people. They send good stuff too. If I was a crooked person I could’ve took that stuff and sold it and got more than I was promised to be paid ($2000 a month) easily.

    3. they did me the same way….all the mail with my address…..I think they open up account in other people name with your address on it…credit scam….it was to good to be true should of leave it alone

    4. Did same thing to me total scam cant even get on website anymore dont expect to get paid.

  2. Too good to be true

    Thought it was legit but was only lied to. Did not pay salary promised hope no one else falls for this as I did research online and found nothing negative listed. Have called and emailed and was never contacted back.

  3. i too was possibly scammed, been shipping stuff and all of a sudden they logged off access to my account

    Feel bamboozled all of a sudden these people dont return your calls,or respond and havent paid up

  4. i too was possibly scammed, been shipping stuff and all of a sudden they logged off access to my account

    Total scam. they just use you to possibly receive and send stolen merchandise. No one responds to calls or emails

  5. mi global retailer is a ripoff they promised u to 2000 a month they ship things to u to send somewhere else but u never get paid than they block ya log in

  6. they did me t5he same way i was supposed to get paid today but they blocked my log in

  7. Scam

    I suppossedly was working for this company they contacted me through career builder. I thought this would be a good side job. I was completly wrong i worked for them a month. They would send me packages i would open package get invoice send to them then reship them. They would print labels out for me. Well i then started to get mail from paypal credit with different names on them no one in my house has these names. I was suppose to be paid today and nothing they promised 2k a month. Now i can not sign in as an employee anymore. Should have known better. If a Carmen Summers or a Megan Dill contact you for employment stay Away its a complete scam.

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Severity of Scam :High
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