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Meynard punzala Owner of mes lounge night dance dirty night club in buffalo NY he ask me to be his partner in this club for 200.000$ I found out he bring all against drug people to this  location dirty dance almost doing sex inside this club after i cancel my check from my bank he he tried want to take me to the court to get 200.000$ but my attorney got him for good.

I advice everyone in buffalo to watch out for their kids to not going there is start so Dangers at mes lounge night club and this club bring bad people to buffalo down town witch there’s a lot of Restaurant in buffalo down town should report him to the city of buffalo NY.

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7 reviews on Meynard Punzala

  1. Yes he is

    Yes this place is dirty and bring all bad people around the restaurant the owner of mes lounge he just care about how he get money . Trying to cheat man to be his partner I recommend to report this club to the city by the way this place shot down years ago gun Shot inside this place 228 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202 This place going shot down by the city .

  2. He wired man

    This man wired I went there one time is over charger I paid 10$ for the door and the drink is weather and so pricey bathroom so dirty I don’t like this club I will nver go there agin

  3. He don’t pay tax

    This man pay his employee half cash and have check and he make door money no tax and he not report how much cash he make every weekend he run from the IRS but the Government not stupid his door open Thursday to Sunday witch bring much problems to the parking lot across his business . I hope the city stop this . Buffalo more clean to deal with mes lounge .

  4. I can’t wait to this place shot down

    I can’t wait to buffalo city or buffalo police to close mes lounge door . I can’t understand why the open on Sunday and stress all city and the police even on Sunday , 3 week ago was big fight at mes lounge he hiring 10 security and still can’t comtrol the party I have pic of almost naked woman dancing omg this place not good for buffalo

  5. It’s mess lounge

    Mess lounge night club he player he pay money for few people who have power or Connection in buffalo so he can keep his business door open .

  6. I know his story

    It’s funny MR Meynard punzala mes lounge owner report mr Abobaker Abosnena to google as scamer , then mr Abobaker abusnena report Meynard punzala mes lounge owner as scamer so any one can report his friend to google as scamer .
    But I don’t believe Meynard punzala story .
    He saying he got scam for 250.000$ lol if this is true stupid he is .

  7. Mes lounge

    This place not good for buffalo down town
    Bring a lot of problems

Franklin Street 228
Buffalo 14202 NY US
Get directions
Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : bakerabo7
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