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do not want to redraw, broke all contacts

I withdraw over 20k euro, I made till 36k euro, but when I wanted to withdraw money, they broke all contacts.

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5 reviews on META Investing :

  1. Scam 100 % scam. Don’t believe them, Don’t believe James Ford, Jane Badowski or others….I Cannot get my money back for already several months

  2. Meta invest is 200% scam

    Some people of Meta Invest tried even to ask for tax pay before withdraw ….do not do that, you losing even more money…new name: James FORD
    Someone needs to stop these criminals

  3. Lost a lot of money

    Lost 16 500 Euro.

  4. FCA has an investor warning. How are they allowed to operate?

    type in metainvesting into the search field.

    If you have been scammed, please contact me if you want to do anything about it such as legal action

    1. Andrew Jackman

      Have a client scammed by Asictrader (apparently associated) has any legal action been taken?

  5. Legal Action

    Is anyone taking legal action here?

  6. CRIMINALS white collar crime

    I am a victim too
    I read on your the website ” I am not a frustrated gambler who lost his money and seeks for revenge. ” I am not a frustrated gambler too , looking for revenge , but i still believe in justice , morality … in life . And in this situation collective action is the only weapon we have . The more peoples ( victims ) we can reach and convince to report , the higher possibility u.k. police start an investigation . This are criminals hiding on the worldwide web and stealing money , same as bank robbers hide behind masks and destroing lives . The only difference is , it is their daily job !!!
    It is important that every victim looks for other victims online ( social media : facebook , twitter … ) and everybody have to report : all the losses and important info ( bankbranches , bankaccounts , names , skypenames , photo on the skypeaccount by example from Max Axell and from Jane Badowski … , phonenumbers etc. )
    Report to UK. and because the servers in the U.S.A Vista also to U.S.A. and also to the local police from your hometown.
    It is also possible to start a COLLECTIVE courtcase in the U.K. according to the common u.k. law as mentioned on the website from metainvesting . Metainvesting has a companynumber and address in the U.K. ( but they operating illegal because every company that offers financial products in the U.K.have to be registrated with the F.C.A. and they are not registrated . Anyway F.C.A. and financial ombudsman don’t have jurisdiction . A courtcase is only possible when contacting a layer in the U.K. (specialised in white collar crime ) and also the only way to take metainvesting offline

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Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : drecoo
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