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MedStar Washington Hospital Center Is Bed Service

I was transferred into the hospital for emergency surgery at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, but it was not done until two days later. When I finally had surgery, I developed a life-threatening infection. I was put in a bed on a burn unit, where the nurses made a point of letting me know that I was a burden because I was not a burn patient. After nearly killing me, I was sent home because I was at the end of the period for which insurance would pay.

As I was being transported home, I received a phone message stating that I had a spot on my kidney. It would prove to one of several symptoms that I had, several of which were life threatening, which were not disclosed to me while I was in the hospital. I was unable to get a follow-up appointment with a PCP until I stated that I would make a JCAHO complaint. The new PCP stated that I could have died, and he asked why I was back at work. I had been given a letter stating that I could return to work.

I finally got a call from the head of the Gold Team, Dr. Sava, only after I did file the JCAHO complaint. He acknowledged that the team has confirmed that there is a disparity in the healthcare that African-Americans receive; however, he stated that was not applicable in my case. The Risk Manager for the hospital also stated that an investigation had been done, and the care that I received was not substandard.

If you are an African-American patient, be advised that this is the manner in which Medstar Washington Hospital Center will treat you.

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  1. MedStar Washington Hospital Center Is Bad Service.

    Okay! I’ve had it with this place. Can’t get bill fixed BECAUSE no humans ever answer the phone. Never again! Never! There are plenty of other places to go that know how to CODE bills. It’s not rocket science.

  2. He and his colleagues are the very best.

    I was cared for by this hospital for several cancer surgeries. My doctor was Paul Sugarbaker, one of the world’s foremost cancer surgeons and the pioneer in the field of intraperitoneal chemotherapy (during surgery). He and his colleagues are the very best.

    The doctor and nurses here were kind and extremely talented, and I will never forget what they did for me. Hospitals in a city of this size have extreme challenges in dealing with patients locally and from around the world.

    I expect that the support staff bear the brunt of a lot of community frustration, and certainly whatever they pay the maintenance and cleaning staff in money and support should be doubled, because they earn it.

    If you have a serious condition and want the best scientists in cancer and other fields, consider Washington Hospital Center.

  3. They never informed me of my newborn infant's injuries.

    My son was killed at 3 days old by the doctors and nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Washington Hospital Center. They first left the 1Lb 13 oz newborn unintubated for 24 hours, without the necessary oxygen and surfactant to keep his lungs lubricated. This lead to the hardening of his lungs and eventual onset of pneumonia.

    As a result of being unintubated for so long and too young to breathe on his own, my newborn went into respiratory distress. Panicked and rushing, his doctor punctured his trachea,

    lacerated his lungs and perforated his esophagus while trying to intubate my baby. They never informed me of my newborn infant’s injuries.

  4. Bad Service Provide,

    Prior to receiving her discharge papers at 4am after being told she may have to be admitted for spinal surgery. She received a load of pain meds due to the pain and was unsure of the directions and instructions provided by the nurse. Her nurse was nasty and had an attitude once she requested to see the doctor for instruction.

    The physician approached her stretcher with Special Police and refused to give discharge instructions. Stating she was rude to her staff and she needed to leave. The police approached hostile stating they would throw her shit outside like they did a homeless woman not too long ago.

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