Matt and Amanda Clarkson

Matt and Amanda are scamming you for $5500

Matt and Amanda pushed me into buying their program worth $5500. I would not right away say that they provided trash, because it was not. The information was helpful but the price was way too overpriced. They have named it as eBay magic program. But what they offer is basic computer knowledge. And if they target audience who are not computer friendly, why not set a justified price.

What is the most disappointing part about the entire promotion is the attitude of Matt and Amanda, they push you to buy their product which is really disturbing. I have gone through many online programs for not even one fourth of the money it costed and have given me lot more information in their introduction classes that eBay sold in their entire program.

I can say it upfront that Matt and Amanda are unethical and are misleading people for investing in their useless program. I would rather go for a free course and I am sure they will have much more to share.

People are investing money by saving from their regular expenses thinking that they would get something worthy of their sacrifice. However, they all are blaming Matt and Amanda for this cold attitude.

You can check online and will find people who have invested $50,000 and have lost it completely. If you ask me about the program and if I made any money out of it. Then, yes, I did use it but I did not make anything much to list in here.

All I know is that I wasted $5500 on a program that was nothing close to what they charged for. I will suggest not to get into their any kind of deal and save your money and invest in cheaper courses which are better than this expensive worthless program.

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  1. Matt and Amanda have the worst program

    Matt and Amanda forced me into buying their product and never ever given the correct picture of what they sell. Even a high school student will know much more than the program they sell. Their price is the most worst part.

    I feel they should first work on their program structure and then on their marketing.

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Approved Date:March 20, 2017
Reported Loss :5500 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : anonymous
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