Mary Louise Garcia Tarrant County Clerk

Domestic dispute reported for Tarrant County Clerk

We have heard many cases of assault happening to women. Sometimes we are surprised with the opposite news similar to the one where Chris Garcia, husband of Tarrant County Clerk Mary Louise Garcia filed a complaint against her.

Chris Garcia, who is 53 alleged his wife for hitting him continually when he called Fort Worth police to their home on 8th June at about 2:50 in the morning. The police in turn has cited Mary Louise under a Class C misdemeanour which is punishable by a fine of up to $500.

Later Chris Garcia filed for divorce and also charged her for adultery. While Chris Louis made his allegations, Mary Louise refused to connect with his opinion and called it to be rumours. She also said that she would be talking after she had a word with her attorney.

At the same time, she appreciated the professionalism that Fort Worth Police Department showed and will be waiting for the hearing at the Municipal Court, as she is confident about her innocence.

Chris Garcia owns a car dealership and said they were happy in their marriage, which looked like to him until she announced that she wanted a divorce. This happened a month before this case was registered.

He added that his wife, Mary Louise requested him to keep shut about the news as their oldest daughter graduation was close and she did not want any intervention in between.

Chris Garcia believed that everything will return to normal and thought of giving his wife time.

Finally, the day of their daughter’s graduation came and they threw a big party. But, as per Chis Garcia, he knew things would be different from the day after that night and he was disturbed.

He made his statement to the police and revealed that he was disturbed during and after the party. So, once everyone was off to their place, he went to meet a friend to talk about dispatches.

He returned late at 2:00 AM and sat outside thinking. When Mary Louise noticed him sitting outside, she started screaming and asked him to come inside. He did not come until next 30 minutes.

When he came to their bedroom, without demanding to sleep outside, she started yelling at him and later shoved him down to the hallway.

Right away, Chris Garcia called 911 for help. Police had reported the time of them intervene as 3:00 AM.

June 12th was the day when Chris Garcia filed the divorce for Mary Louise and mentioned that Mary Louise left no choice for him but to end the marriage that was full of anger and hatred.

He later informed court about her affair with an employee at country clerk’s office.

Whatever happened, if had happened otherwise, Chris Garcia would have been put under trail. However, Mary Louise was set free. But, I ask you people to judge for yourself before you hire Mary Louise.

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