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BehindMLM published a firstlook of the Crowdbridge Global MLM opportunity.

The company appears to be based out of Europe and is run by co-founders Hans Pasveer and Harald Ekker, Mary Courant COO

For Pasveer and Ekker’s respective MLM histories, please refer to our published Crowdbridge Global firstlook.

One key component missing from our firstlook was the CrowdBridge Global compensation plan, which I’ve since learnt has been made public.

After going over it I concluded I had enough to publish a full review of Crowdbridge Global.

The source material is Hungarian, which I’m not a native speaker of. Still, some of the presentation slides were in English and I’m familiar enough with MLM compensation plans to piece the rest together.

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3 reviews on Mary Courant

  1. Mary Courant Scam Coin

    What characteristics determine whether or not a Multi-level Marketing company is actually just a scam is to review Mary Courant Scam Payplan.For starters, She pushes you to build more team members than it does to sell products, take warning and Mary Courant is aware of that, While having people under you generally gives you an opportunity to make more money, it should not be the main focus. A great MLM will be OK if you only want to sell products not some Fake Coins such as the one Mary Courant is selling and have no interest in managing a team. It would also be a bad sign if the team she recruits are the customers. There are a few other signs to look for to determine whether or not Mary Courant MLM company is a scam or legitimate. Based on network marketing guru Jason Lee tips, they include.
    It sounds too good to be true. Usually, if something sounds too good to be true, it is. If the opportunity is promising you a lot of money with little information to back it up, run and don’t look back. You might have a problem instead of a job on your hands.

    1. CBG COIN Mary Courant

      see Mary Courant fake linkedin profile.

  2. Thanks for sharing this interesting article.

    1. Welcome, hope you never meet them 🙂

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    All earning are in Euro currency

    Mary Courant born in Cambodia, Lives in France and Netherland, was A Top earner in Conligus and OneCoin Master Advisor & Chief Financial Officer at Crowd Bridge Global.

    Net Income 879,000.00 CBG Ongoing
    Net Income 28,000,000 OneCoin
    Net Income 900,000.00 Conligus
    Wealth and assets are held in Cambodia and Montreal.

    Ruja Ignatov AKA Dr. Ruja

    BigCoin HK, OneCoin Cofounder
    Net Income 10,000,000.00 BigCoin
    Net Income 380,000,000.00 OneCoin, Ongoing
    Wealth and assets are held in Dubai, Bulgaria, Estonia, Panama, and Thailand.

    Harald Ekker

    Wenyard founder, Towah founder, Sitetalk, Cofounder at Crowd Bridge Global.

    Net Income 1,780,000.000 Crowd Bridge Global ongoing

    Net Income 21,650,000.00 Towah
    Net Income 6,980,000.00 Wenyard
    Net Income 875,000.00 Sitetalk

    Wealth and assets are held in USA, Norway Under sibling’s names to avoid Norwegian Tax Authorities, Dubai & South Africa.

    Hans Pasveer
    Born in Holland, Live in Amsterdam and Surname
    Sitetalk, Leocoin, CBG Coin, Cofounder at Crowd Bridge Global.
    Net Income 3,800,000.00 Crowdbridge Global ongoing
    Net Income 8,900,000.00 LeoCoin
    Net Income 2,700,000.00 Sitetalk
    Wealth and assets are held in Suriname and India

    Sebastian Greenwood

    ​Born in UK, Swedish Nationality

    Sitetalk Director, OneCoin Director, Rune Evensen advisor
    Net Income 800,000.00 Sitetalk
    Net Income 145,000,000.00 OneCoin

Approved Date:October 4, 2017
Reported Loss :25018 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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