Marrakesh Poufs

Not a real company

They take your money and don’t give you a tracking number. They have deleted all my negative comments on Facebook, they don’t reply to my emails and they have blocked me on social media.

Is Marrakesh Poufs a scam?
Marrakesh Poufs is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on, They are not aggressive toward their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Marrakesh Poufs a legit?
Marrakesh Poufs is not a legit business owner or provider, you should take all precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews submitted by Marrakesh Poufs consumers?
There is/are 18 review(s) posted about Marrakesh Poufs and its indicate that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Marrakesh Poufs located?
Marrakesh Poufs is located at N/A. You can contact Marrakesh Poufs by dialing N/A or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary losses incurred by Marrakesh Poufs customers?
170 $ monetary losses incurred by Marrakesh Poufs customers.
The reviews, complaints and scams about Marrakesh Poufs are deliberately written by anonymous. We, at Dirty Scam are not liable for the content written about Marrakesh Poufs. If you have any issue with Marrakesh Poufs incident report, Please contact the author of this complaint directly, as we are not obligated to remove the complaint.

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18 reviews on Marrakesh Poufs

  1. Marrakesh Poufs ARE scammers

    I placed an order at the beginning of September 2017 these people are scammers. they make up lies about problems with their courier service provider. I pursued them for weeks via FB as that’s the only thing that would make them respond to me. They eventually blocked me on FB so I created a new account just for them on FB. I still pursue them, but now they just don’t bother to respond and just delete my comments from their posts.. DO NOT USE this company. I’ve lost $141.00 Unfortunately I didn’t use Paypal or a credit card so I can’t get my money back.

  2. Very Questionable Company

    I ordered a Marrakesh Pouf 10/21/2017, and as of 1/18/18, I have not received it. Twice I have received an email from the owner explaining the delay. He is one man trying to fulfill orders and works with locals who make the poufs…that there was a problem with his overseas shipping company….I have about reached the stage where I am going to contact American Express and get my money back.


    The infuriating thing about this company is that they have the time to mark legitimate complaints as spam, but can’t respond to several emails over multiple week asking about the status of an order. Just a simple update, even so we know this is a real company. I get small businesses can be a challenge to run, but this is beyond the scope of acceptable business practices, in my opinion.

  4. Not a scam after all

    So initially I thought this company was a big scam. The communication wasn’t great and I even got an email saying this isn’t a scam I promise…sounds very scamy to me. I kept asking for a tracking number to which I got a link to a foreign shipping service (I couldn’t even translate the website).
    I was so worried that I had got scammed I was about to call my bank and see what we could do to reverse any charges, when all of a sudden I got a package delivered 🙂

    I have to say that they turned out really nice looking ( I got a brown and a white pouf). They are really good quality and love having them in my home.
    I would definitely order from them again, but just with the expectation that it will take a lot longer to arrive.


    You will never receive the product. It’s a total scam. I just had American Express refund my money today. I’ll let a big company go after them. All links they send you will be expired, they’ll delete all of your comments and block you. Their address is a scam. They aren’t just a “one man operation with shipping problems”…that’s all fake just to keep it going until they’re shut down. Seems they send out just enough product to get some real reviews, but most positive reviewers are fake. 100% fraud. They may reply with some bad link or fake tracking number, but it’s all a scam. All e-mails bounce back and all communication is fraudulent. *All positive reviews are fake*

  6. Marrakesh Pouf is def not real

    I fell for thier scam. I ordered in Jan and never received anything and it’s almsot the end of March. No response, nothing. What do we do?

  7. Marrakesh Skam

    order number 332648 placed on NOVEMBER
    28 2017 for $170.00 Canadaian dollars. I have not received my ORDER. I asked them to Please Refund my money as soon as possible. I can not afford to lose this kind of money.

  8. Marrakesh poufs rip off.

    I ordered and paid for a pouf over 4 months ago. I wasn’t given a tracking number and there have been lots of excuses as to why delivery is so slow. Now they say their bank account is frozen and I should seek a refund from my bank. The product is heavily promoted on Facebook and Instagram and yet they don’t deliver the goods. I feel really angry about this scam.


    Paid in full for 2 pours. All I’ve gotten are lies! No I’m block from any communication. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM!

  10. Horrible company

    I had ordered with this company in the first week of January and still have not received my order. They emailed me in February sending their apologies and offered my a %50 off coupon and told me my order was still on the way (no refunded amount taken off).
    It is now the end of April, I sent another email but no response. I went to check their IG account and it’s no longer there. Their website is down. And…It looks like Ii’m out $175 dollars.
    Soooo pissed off.


    Terrible! DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM!If you have get your money back! It’s a huge scam!

  12. Website not available after i purchased

    I ordered the pouf in April and its now almost june and it still hasn’t arrived. The owner emailed me the day after i ordered and thanked me for my purchase but since then i have emailed 2 times with no response. Now I can’t even track my shipment or see the website because it has been taken down!
    How has everyone else got their money back?

  13. Ended up contacting my bank and reporting it as a fraud, i received my money back from bank – but this guy is still doing this under other names.

    First, took my money, waited a month, enquired about delivery, gives excuse, enquired a week later, another excuse….and so on…kept asking and got fake tracking numbers, then i was blocked form contacting them. Don’t believe the lies and the sad stories this guy is fake.

  14. Marrakesh Poufs

    Charged my card, send one e-mail saying they would notify me when my order was going to be shipped (5 1/2 months ago). Have not heard anything or received the order.

  15. Complete sham!!!

    They charged my card, confirmed order and then never sent the poufs. I have emailed a dozen times with no response, etc, but the website is now defunct and they have completely vanished. DO NOT BUY!

  16. my bank cannot refund my $ as it was over 4 months from my transaction. can anyone recommend anything? this guy knows what he is doing. he was responding leading me on until i was unable to get my money back and report as fraud. tried to have faith in slow production process.

  17. Marrakesh Poufs is fraudulent

    They’re a total scam. They take your money and never send your order. I’m out $200.00, and they don’t reply to a single email or post. Stay away from Marrakesh Poufs.

  18. Terrible customer service

    I would stay away from this company. 6 months to get 1 order and the first was damage and came not as ordered, and the second was wrong (again). I didn’t even bother calling to complain again as we had called and emailed so many times they refused to give a refund the first time… I will just post on all social media avenues. I am very disappointed in this below average product that looks so pretty in pictures ?

    December 27, 2017

Reported Loss :170 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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