Marrakesh Poufs Inc

Take money and don’t give you the product

They did not deliver the pouf I paid for not have I received a tracking number as hey promised I would. They delete every post I make on Instagram asking them to respond. I have sent private messages on Instagram when they reached out to me saying they would ship. Now they say hey can’t respond on Instagram message and have requested to talk on email. They have not answered any questions about when I am to get my pouf now and won’t respond to emails. Several other people have not received their products either.

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4 reviews on Marrakesh Poufs Inc

  1. I purchased from Marrakesh Poufs Inc approximately two weeks ago but am yet to receive any information about shipping and the customer support email supplied on my purchase summary bounces back. I’m starting to get worried that I have been scammed and if I don’t hear back in the next 24hrs will be advising the police that they are a scam and need to be shut down from Instagram and Facebook.



  3. Online scam

    This is an online scam. They took my money, did not respond to any of my correspondence and now their website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts conveniently don’t exist anymore.


    This place is supposed to be open until 11 pm on Saturday. My boyfriend and I had planned to go here after some wine tasting while on a date Saturday night. We showed up just after 10 pm for a nice dinner, and when we walked in the door we were kicked out. The waiter told us they were closed, and when I told him I had looked up the hours which said they were open until 11,

    he told us they had not had any people come in the last half hour so they were closed. The “open” sign by the door was still on, and we could see people sitting in the restaurant. My boyfriend actually offered him a huge tip if he would seat us, and the guy still refused. When we walked out, he slammed the door behind us. What kind of drama is going on at this place?!

Marrakesh-Safi MA
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Reported Loss :80 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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