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This person claims to be stranded in Austria , unable to work and no money to get back to Fort Collins, CO, USA. She asks for money for food ($300 US), rent ($565) and a nursing certificate ($450) for midwife training. She makes excuses justifying the need for cash. She also asks for airfare money, demanding that cash be sent so she can buy the tickets herself. She claims travel agencies in Austria won’t accept credit card payments now and unwilling to provide names of those agencies. I traced the IP address to a company in Dallas Texas but they will not respond to my queries. They host ISP and websites for foreigners. The person gave 2520 stover street,Fort Collins,Colorado, 80525 as their USA address.


From: Maria Schneck

To: [email protected]

Sent: Tuesday, April  10, 2018 12:56:00 AM



Dear Sven,

Let me start by saying that I thank God every night since I found you. You came into my life when everything seemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way. I’ve never been so certain of anything in my life like I am of us. You have totally changed my outlook in life and I thank you for that. I never thought that someone could love me like you do, but guess what? I love you that much too. I feel as if I’m walking over clouds just thinking about you. You make my life complete. I know you’ve said we could do foolish things while in love, but you know what? With you I wouldn’t mind being a fool for the rest of my life. I love you so much and I know you love me too. I know that others looking into our relationship might think that we’re saying too many foolish things too soon but they just don’t know how we feel about each other. There’s nothing foolish about the things I’ve told you, I meant every word I said. I love you and for you . I would do anything, I love you so much. Today I promise you that I would do anything in my power to make you a great person, outstanding father and loving husband. I LOVE YOU!!

Love Always Maria

IM session


Sven (2/13/2018 5:44:03 PM): Closing in on 1 am. You should sleep, I will think and let you know tomorrow. ok?

goodsamaritan1340 (2/13/2018 5:44:37 PM): what else would you want to think about? i have known your answer and you dont need to think anymore

Sven (2/13/2018 5:45:55 PM): ok, I’ll go then.

goodsamaritan1340 (2/13/2018  5:46:27 PM): where do you want to go?

Sven  (2/13/2018 PM): If you have known my answer and you say I don’t need to think anymore, what do we have to discuss now?

goodsamaritan1340 (2/13/2018 5:47:18 PM): you want to make me regret falling for you and i dont think i will ever communicate with anyone on the internet after these

Sven (2/13/2018  5:54:34 PM): I’m not sure how you reached that conclusion. Why would I want to make you regret talkiing with me? I never promised that our conversation would result in me sending money to an unknown location, thousands of miles away, for purposes that are known to me only by faith in someone on the other side of a chat session. Doesn’t that sound a bit risky to you? If you’ve already made your mind up and my answer was already known to you, what should we talk about? When you and I first began talking, you mentioned money very quickly. That put me on guard since I would have expected questions about my lifestyle, family, etc before someone asked about financial help. I understand you may be in a bad situation and that could have affected how you approached me.

goodsamaritan1340 (2/13/2018 5:56:21 PM): I have never asked anyone for help except you due to my condition and i really feel ashamed now to do that but is it a crime to be honest and open minded to a new friend?

goodsamaritan1340 (2/13/2018 5:56:40 PM): i just wish you can do what i asked from you and everything will be perfect and easier for us

Sven (2/13/2018 PM): No, of course not. That’s why I was trying to find a way to validate who you were and that you are where you say. If I could do that, I would help you but those things (cell phone, landline) were not available to you. What your address in Linz?

Sven (2/13/2018 6:08:35 PM): ok. Do you want to chat tomorrow morning?

goodsamaritan1340 (2/13/2018 6:10:20 PM): I will chat with you anytime you are comfortable and you can assist me with what you can at the moment so as to pay part of my bills before the landlord disconnect my internet and can also get some food stuffs for my self for the main time and i believe everything will go on smoothly for us if we continue like these.


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  1. A sick and jealous person!

    My Name is Logan, and yes I had the same experience with her, but she thinks I am a female and she is very rude, and awful when you tell her, you not send Money!
    She is still on Interpals!

    MARIA_SCH, 28 3 hours ago

    Hello! My dear Swiss Pet! Can you tell me something? What is the name of the psychiatric clinic where you escaped? Only someone sick like you, does everything what you do, although of low status, really I enjoy watching your reactions, because you think and act like a girl! A lonely, ridiculous and pathetic girl who seeks attention in any way, you are a girl who sells her dignity and feelings for a little affection. Really you make me feel pity, you are the example of what a person should never be (and I say “a person” and not “a woman”) because being a woman is too big for you, you are someone who has not dignity , self-respect, self-love, is it your life so sad and you, to be begging for attention? Love? Please understand, everytime that you feel jealousy because of me, it only shows that you have low self-esteem, you are less than the trash where I step on, you are someone without value, all your actions only show that you do not have confidence in yourself and you can lose, in a few words your jealousy shows that I am better than you, and yes, I am! I really feel pity, who will really love you? If you are a person sick, psychotic, possessive, impulsive, jealous, bipolar, you are everything a man hates in a woman. Ah! Maybe your parents are the only people who love you! although your actions show that you lack affection. Really, thank you for everything you do, because you do it thinking about me, and only make me laugh too much! you want to be better than me and you get the opposite, and you know it. Visiting me every day and every night, surely to make fake and negative report about my profile, is really giving me much more importance than I already have. And thank you for your time, time does not come back, and you take it just for me, every time you write a message begging attention, or to insult me, or to create false accounts to talk to me and comment my pics, your mind and heart are thinking of me . Thank you! It’s fantastic! And yes, today I’m taking a little bit of my time unfortunately and it’s really sad to waste my valuable time with you, but I think you’ve been ignored all your life, so I decided to dedicate a little time so you do not feel so alone, so stupid talking alone, you are like a lost pet looking for who wants it like in this pic, do you see? And congratulations for making these days at Interpals very fun! You are the number 1 clown in the world! I needed one! and trust me I respect your feelings, im not talking about your feelings, you are in love and that’s nice, the bad thing is that you do not know how to control your emotions and do not mind hurting the person you love, I’m talking about your attitude your actions! One more thing! Remember that every insult to me, are you describing yourself, have you not noticed? It is you who make everything what you criticism! Hahaha you are so inconsistent! You are a little and miserable human being! Hahaha Please do not write to me anymore, dont lose more your time! Bye bye! Muaaaa

    she really is an awful Person!

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