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Magnum Marine's Dave Simoniette Scammed Me For 3600$

I purchased one boat from the Magnum Marine. I also made the deposit for the upholstery work as well as to paint the motor drives. But When I received a boat there’s nothing has been done as per our initial agreement. So, I asked them to refund that deposit I made for such works. Well, Dave Simoniette an Owner of Yacht Brokerage Company named Magnum Marine soon came up with the statement that he didn’t have that amount. It was very shocking for me.

I took the boat without the motor drive painted and the upholstery work done. I have also not received any refund from him. He mentioned me that he will pay back that amount.

It’s been two years and I am sending emails constantly related to this issue. He always came up with the excuses like $125, $150 or $200 checks. But he was never able to pay me back. Even in an email he mentioned that they have painted the motor drive.

Soon, I responded to that email while sending them the images of the motor drive which was never painted. Still the barnacle marks are there on that motor drive. And after this he never replied. After a long time, he responded me with an email where he stated that he fall sick, he was supposed to deal with a back and then he fall sick again. That person used to come up with never ending excuses every time.

He sent me a check last time. I tried to cash in but it was bounced. I have even called him and he asked me not to talk with him via phone. When I used to email him, he used to have no reply. It’s been two years; I am trying emails to get that money back but no result.

I also opted for small court claims and he mentioned that I am threatening him by doing this. Please help me to get my hard earned cash back from this dirty scammer named  Dave Simoniette – Yacht Broker.

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5 reviews on Dave Simoniette – Magnum Marine

  1. They showed me great models and sold me trash. On top of that, when I asked about the refund, they denied having them. The same fraud and same people.

    It cannot be a coincidence. I think they make profits by fooling people.


    This guy, owner of Magnum Marine LLC, is a untrustworthy scumbag that has ZERO business principles. Made an offer on a boat, he responded, in writing, that it was accepted. He mentioned there was others interested as well so first ” deposit” will end up with it. Placed a deposit as required and then he emailed the contract over with a higher price and ” documentation” fees added in. I mentioned these were not disclosed and I was not paying them, so please send over a revised contract. He says he will shortly. My emails and calls go ignored for over a week. Finally, he responds and says he was , ” sick” . He also says the boat was sold to another party and IF I made a deposit to send him a request for refund. ( trying to allude to the fact he didnt know he took a deposit on it). Now the SCUMBAG wont return the deposit either. Filing complaints with the NC Attorney General, with my local police and local police in Hampstead NC. Possibly considering a civil suit for breach of contract too.

  3. Not a Scam

    I have dealt with this business a few times always had great experiences never felt like I was being scammed at all. I think Dave Simoniette is a great person was very truthful with me the whole time I was buying boats from him. All the boat that I have bought from him all work and run great. I still have all of them. I think I got a far deal on the boats! I would rate him a 5 out 5,

  4. Magnum Marine Hampstead Nc

    I use to store stuff out at magnum marine with Dave Simonette. One of the items I had out there was a storage shed. I had a lot of tools stored there and some vehicles, the agreement was to sell him the shed for a certain amount of money and I could keep my remaining items there for as long as I wanted rent free for part of the price of the shed. Dave screwed me on the money for the shed and then started trying to charge me rent money again. Dave is a complete scammer and will steal from you as he did me when breaking into my shed before I sold it to him. This guy is a complete scammer and and not worthy of owning a business!

    1. Dave

      The storage was to be free until the end year. After running up a $300.00 storage bill he came in the middle of the night and took them out without paying. I had bought several other tools from him and he fails to mention I paid exactly what I promised every time. He also fails to mention that I had to chase him over and over for his monthly storage fee.

  5. Similar Issue

    Purchased a boat from “Capt Dave”, the most unprofessional businessman. It’s no wonder that Bill at Tideline Marina (a very reputable Marina in Jacksonville) fired Dave.

    He sold us a boat without a clear title. Advised the elderly lady that he was selling it for that the documentation that she provided was accurate and acceptable. The title was signed as executor, and she was not an executor, and was halfway signed over to someone else who backed out of the deal. This leaves us to fight with the DMV and wildlife, and ultimately contact the seller to get the documentation because “Capt Dave” scammed her AND us.

    He is FULL of excuses…. back issues, wife’s ailments, out of town, medicine drop offs, pharmacy, more back issues, etc. Always an excuse as to why he cannot get what is needed. When selling the boat he took OVER a month, and it took a threat of dropping the deal. We should have fled then!

    Now… that he supposedly has the info… it has taken OVER a year fighting with several avenues and threatening legal action, and still Dave refuses to have any interest.

    He is a liar, scammer, and con artist. STEER CLEAR!! READ REVIEWS!! Many reviews on Uhaul, Google, Yelp, FB, AND BBB complaints. He is NOT truthful OR professional. Save yourself the time AND money…. GO ELSEWHERE!

    1. Dave

      These people failed to mention that they bought the boat over a year before this and never made an attempt to register it. They were ticketed for operating an unregistered vessel. Out of a clear blur sky the told me that the boat had been great, and was cleaner than it was when they got it, but had only used it 3 times, and demanded their money back as they were having problems registering it. Turned out that they had told Wildlife I was a dealer, not a broker. There was no lien on the title and I have copies to prove it. The title had been wrongly assigned to another purchaser who ended up not taking delivery as the loan interest did not suit a co-signer. The lender had spoken to wildlife and lender wrote a letter explaining the confusion. Wildlife had told the lender they would accept that. Of course that was over a year before they tried to register it. All that had to be done was a duplicate title obtained by the original owner. The court appearance date made waiting for the duplicate unacceptable to them. They had to post a bond to use the documents they had in hand. These people bought a perfectly good boat, they admit that. They did not register it in a timely fashion. They had lien FREE paperwork with notarized letter for the bank. They gave me the paperwork back and asked me to help them, but when I could not do it fast enough, and found out they had told Wildlife we were a dealer, and I told them that, he raced down and got the papers back and I was a bad guy. We did nothing wrong to these people. This is a couple that just wanted to get rid of their boat mistake at someone else’s expense. Their character assignation is just plain wrong.

    2. Dave

      Same couple, same reply

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