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This chick right here is one of the worst online scammers there is! Her name is Magdalena Ruiz. Also known as Magadalena Ashli. “Co-founder” of SCAM SCAM SCAM WEBSITES! Many of you know her and many of you have been victims of her as well. Her FB store name is called DreamerTrends.

What she does is steal photos from ‘Famous People’ and ‘Actual Legit Clothing Online Stores’ and she claims them as her own. She then sells knockoffs at stupid high prices. Many customers have lost money to her due to never receiving their orders EVER!

Her many sites include: | | |

All sites above go to her one specific fraud page. She literally changes her name constantly after she gets caught and gets bad reviews. It’s quite pathetic, wont you say?!

She also has a F rating with the BBB and the BBB has all even stated that she is not a real online store.
So let’s put a stop to this loser chick! She plays this pretty role of a girl, but she is really nothing and It’s messed up to take money from others.

If you also want to check out her MANY IG pages too. Here’s a list of the many she has put together!


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  1. Different Company Name, Same Scam

    BeKindStyle (or Kind Girls) is the newest iteration of a company ran by the same woman (Magdalena Ashli Ruiz). Her company was initially called ForTheHighness. After a few years she changed the company name to DreamerTrends. Most recently she changed the company name to Dress-aholic (aka dressaholic and hellodressaholic; and then again to BeKindStyle (aka Kind Girls) ( Despite different names, each of this person’s companies engages in fraudulent behavior and relies on a thin veneer of legitimacy earned through paid-for social media followers.

    The fact that this person has changed her company name three times suggests that this is a core business strategy. Indeed, it appears that when criticism mounts against her company, she simply changes the company name and does nothing to address the underlying issues that leave many of her customers feeling taken advantage of, scammed, and/or disappointed. For instance, if you Google “Dreamertrends customer reviews,” you will find overwhelmingly negative customer feedback that details how customers were ill-treated. Many customers allege they were scammed (see these websites for details;;;; and

    To be fair, you will also find some positive reviews on these websites, but it is very apparent that these positive reviews are fake. It is evident that the company owner, as well as her friends (e.g., “Daisy Dennis”) and family (e.g., “Maria Ruiz-Santiago”) regularly post fake positive company reviews on these websites and social media in an attempt to counter the overwhelmingly negative customer reviews. Company affiliates also regularly post fake positive reviews on many different websites using fake profiles, such as “Johnny Reptergo” and “Jenna Cortez” (both of these names are linked to fake Facebook accounts). These “reviewers” post the same reviews across different websites.

    To be clear, this woman’s business is based on fraudulent behavior. For example, on her various company Instagram accounts (e.g., dresslovexo, dreamertrends, lovefashion1st, forthehighness, and many more) she consistently makes two claims: (1) she is selling the clothing item that is worn by the woman in the photo and (2) that celebrities wear the clothes she sells. Neither of these claims are true. On the contrary, the company owner steals other businesses’ product photos and passes them off as her company’s products. She also steals photos from other people’s social media accounts. Thus, this person regularly defies international intellectual property and copyright laws and her customers do not receive what they think they are buying. Instead, customers receive cheap knock-offs from China. Many other customers do not receive anything.

    Do not be fooled by claims that orders are “custom” or “made to order” or that they come from Paris. Many customers report that their orders came from China. Furthermore, many customers regularly complain about the length of time it took to receive their orders (in some cases several months). The reason it can take so long to receive orders is because the products ship from China.

    Hopefully one day the company’s owner will engage in honest, ethical business practices. Until then, BEWARE.

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