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No appointment but just frustration

First, this review is NOT for the dentist and dental hygienists who were very attentive and provided excellent service during my past visits, however this is for the receptionist who I had struggles with and created my concerns about how she treated customers.

As I called them to make my annual check appointment, the first thing I was asked was if I had been there. A usual question! I’ve been there 3 or 4 times, so I said, YES.

She then asked me my insurance company info to double-check if I am still eligible. So I provided my full name, date of birth, insurance info as usual, but only info I was not sure why I needed to provide her was social security number.

I thought this was quite odd info to provide, but I did. After this, I was put on hold for a while then informed that they would call me back, which I felt very skeptical so I shared my concern as this type of info is not shared over the phone, but I need to know why. Plus I need to know if my insurance would still cover. She said 5 – 10mins to return my call.

After 15mins, no call back, so I asked their clarification of why that type of information was required. I still remember I never provided my social # when I first made an appointment with them.

After a long story, the receptionist explained that she didn’t know I was their pre-existing patient and needed to ask all of the info including social #. In fact, this is usually the first question being asked when we make an appointment, and I was asked, but somehow she didn’t remember asking the question.

After a while I requested to speak to someone in the office as I really wanted to share my concerns and understand if this type of information is necessary to check before coming to the office, particularly social security #. I asked someone rather than her to call me….., but no call was made.

So I decided to call them back and hope not to talk to the same receptionist, but that was the same receptionist. What I was told was her office manager was on maternity leave till sometime in Feb and someone who was supposed to call me just left without calling me. Obviously she did not ask if the other person contacted me or made no follow-up call.

All I wanted to know at that point was find out their procedure to take an appointment. What type of info they require over the phone, if social security # was needed and why.

I could not get answer and not even now. Only thing I could do was ask this same receptionist to delete all of my personal information. I hope she did…. and hope someone review the call conversations as the call may be monitored or recorded.

What did I end up from this experience? NONE. No appointment but just frustration.

Perhaps this was a simple misunderstanding that she didn’t remember to ask me if I had been there before, which created this lengthy phone calls, but there was no follow-up or communication made to this matter, which I question their customer communication skill.

It is not my intention to write a negative review to jeopardize their business but communication with this particular receptionist was beyond my comprehension and raised many questions about their customer services.

Once again, this is a review of the receptionist only and the doctor and hygienists provide excellent service. I would like to come back for another appointment, so I would like to come back.

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4 reviews on Madison Square Dentistry: Lawrence Wang

  1. Madison Square Dentistry: Lawrence Wang, DDS Poor Service Provide.

    I went to see Dr. Lawrence Wang with a horrible toothache. He sent me to his friend an endodontic who charged me three times more for the same procedure I had just done 6 month before seeing her. I let Dr. Lawrence office know of my outrage and I was told they will take my insurance payments and was sorry.

    When I called to make the appointment to have the crown put on I was told by Giselle that I would have to pay a big balance. I reminded her of our conversation and she said “we are allowed to raise our prices; furthermore that I did not sign any forms agreeing to such an amount”. I just told the reception that they are not honorable people and I felt disappointment. Basically she said only when I have the money will she make the appointment.

    What I learn from this, you as a customer must call your insurance company yourself and find out if the dentist you are going to see takes your insurance payment and MOST IMPORTANTLY, will you have to pay an addition balance. There are 100’s of dentist that will take your insurance payment without you paying out of pocket.

    I have excellent dental insurance that paid top dollars for dental services. This is the first time I experienced having to pay a huge bill for a dentist. I would have like to finish my dental work with Dr. Lawrence but I just can’t afford it. I hope this was helpful.

  2. Dental service is good IF you can even get to the dental part

    Dental service is good IF you can even get to the dental part. My original appointment date with them was changed THREE different times on three separate occasions. They will only email you of the change and will not call or text you informing you of the change. In fact, the text message will confirm your original appointment date even if they change it!

    On one occasion the email was sent out 1 hour prior to the appointment time informing of the change. If you can handle having your appointment date being rescheduled constantly and stalking your email to get any notice, this is the place for you.

  3. Great folks, definitely recommend.

    I called up and got an appointment the next day. Quick, thorough and the dentist’s manner set me at ease.

  4. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

    For someone who has had a lifetime of dental treatment this office is by far the best experience from start to finish. They explain everything they are doing and handle every step with care. I have never been more relaxed and comfortable getting my teeth worked on. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

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