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Lyons Contracting Very poor scheduling service.

Pro’s : Provide free estimate. Showed up on time for free estimate.

Cons: Estimate for replacement of 2 vent collars was $1,723. Other vendors quoted between $500 and $275. Job was completed for $275 in 32 minutes. That’s an enormous difference for a very minor repair.

Conclusion: pricing seemed extremely high. Sent vendor a note asking for explanation, no response. I would recommend getting multiple quotes from other roofers prior to doing business with this one based on my experience with them.

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5 reviews on Lyons Contracting

  1. Lyons Contracting Is Bad Service.

    Lots of delays and lack of communication. Still waiting to see if, and when, my project gets done.

  2. First off, I did NOT use this roofer.

    First off, I did NOT use this roofer. When I called to ask for an estimate I was met with “We require a minimum of $565”. I tried to explain that the piece I needed replaced was the same type of piece I had replaced last, but was an 8ft piece of aluminum which
    I paid a different company $250. I was trying to argue that the piece I needed replaced was approximately 3 ft long (I was simply trying to justify why they were charging such a high minimum. In doing so, I was met with “Do you have the other company’s number? If so, you should call them back.” And he was not helpful at all. So I ended the call with “Thank you” and he hung up. What a jerk!!!!!!

  3. These guys Not great work

    These guys Not great work, and their prices are fair..but there’s a good deal of “bedside manner” that is missing. Whether its intentional or not, one employee in particular is rude, and on occasion insulting, on the phone.

    Just know going in that you’ll likely find your personal interactions frustrating, but the work will be done right.

  4. Definitely recommend.

    Good work, speedy job, reasonable price, nice guy! As hard as it is in NOVA to get good contractors who are interested in getting your job done quickly and at a good value – folks like Tom at Lyons really stand out in a good way. Definitely recommend.

  5. I highly recommend Lyons Contracting.

    From the first phone call to the final invoice Lyons Contracting has been a wonder to work with. Tom showed up on time and was helpful in saving us money on our new roof. He gave advice that helped us pick a less expensive option but perfect for what we needed. I don’t know any roofing companies, aside from Lyons, that will do that.

    The crew was efficient and friendly. Two days and we had a great looking new roof. Lyons corrected a lot of shoddy work that had been done over the years. Tom even identified some chimney issues we needed to fix before we had a waterfall in our fireplace. I highly recommend Lyons Contracting.

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
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