Lucinda Cawley

Uses love to scam you out of money

She uses people to be able to do what she wants him to do and then she takes advantage of you like she took me on a trip and ask me where we wanted to go and I said out west in because I didn’t have sex with her she use that against me this is a bad person don’t trust this person she’s only thinking for herself.. this is a picture of her and me on the trip that she forced me

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3 reviews on Lucinda Cawley

  1. Yes I know her she works at a hospital and she does drugs

    This is not a good person she uses people for sex

  2. Lmao . Do you even know how to write a full sentence? Much dumber than I thought you were Art. I forced you to what? Pfft You don’t even have the brain capacity to construct a sentance to make sense. Don’t flatter yourself, you are not all that and a bag of chips like you think. It took You how long to figure this site out? You know who paid for everything , which was me. I hope that $900 necklace that you scammed me into getting you breaks. Lol as for your comment below LMAO
    You better just stick to going to POF and fake out some bimbos that have no teeth and have the bodies of 12 year old boys

  3. arthur mondeau

    Yes I filed a report on dirty scammers stop my experiences with a man named Arthur Mondeau. This young lady seem to have a similar problem with him we have never met personally but we found each other on Facebook and had become friends she’s a general lying beautiful person. As I say your voice needs to be heard when somebody tries to scam you he already has his pictures up here on the scam site he came across and did this and what he did is he downright lied the whole time he was on this trip with her he was messaging me I have pictures I saved every nasty ugly text he ever has sent me he demanded jewelry from me and money he demanded the same thing from her she got him a 14 karat gold $900 necklace plus she spent over $2,000 on a trip not for this man to be screaming that that she forced him on a trip nobody can force you on a trip you went because you wanted to go on that trip I know because you text me the whole time and I saved everything just like I saved every nasty little thing you ever sent me that was emotionally abusive and about you demanding money and jewelry you did the same thing to her you demanded she by you that necklace why would you women that have never met their life have the same story especially since I live in Indiana and she lives in Florida.. I have never ment Arthur Mondeau and I find this hilariou and I find this hilariously funny since he demanded money and everything from me plus jewelry to say that he was scammed out of $3,000 plus he said the same thing about​ this young lady that she owes him $3,000 he is just upset because all the other woman that he scams are now finding out that he’s a scammer and he was in contact with me last night on this subject and it wasn’t kind where he was going to show us all he showed me was he’s the biggest scam in the whole wide world my advice for him is to go get a job like the rest of us have and work for your money instead of going around scamming people out of their money. I am laughing about the report that he did on both of us this is Ludacris and humorous at its finest and if he continues to go down this path that he is going down with these false accusations I’m going to download every nasty thing he ever sent me in the text and I’m going to post them on dirty scammers and I’ll start with the one where he said I deserved to be scammed which means if he thinks I deserve to be scam he thinks that she deserve to be scammed too because that’s his Viewpoint of women any woman that was talking to him to run run as fast as you can and don’t look back.

    1. Nancy Bogan

      arthur mondeau

      Lucinda Crawley it’s a beautiful hard-working single woman that didn’t deserve any of this from this man she’s honest and straightforward as far as I’m concerned a scammer never likes being confronted

    2. Lucinda

      Thank you sister . You did not deserve to put up with any crap this guy put you through. Yes me and Nancy are friends now Art. We are both calling out your lies and warning as many females as we can about you. Seeing that you have narcissistic tendencies, it is typical of you to try and turn your bad deeds around, and try to make it sound like you are the victim. What Art Mondeau is folks, he is a 3 year old child that never grew up. Throwing your tantrums when you don’t get your way. Only putting your interests before others.
      I am pretty sure your former wife and all your girlfriends are not the psychos you claimed them to be. Nancy is not at all a pill popping RN as you described to me. In fact, nothing that comes out of Art Mondeau’s mouth has any shred of truth. Me and Nancy thought we would do the public a service for pointing that out

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Severity of Scam :High
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