Lucinda cawley

Tried to scam me for sex

This lady is completely weird you just have to look at her mugshot to see that this is a strange woman I think she’s on meth but I’m not completely sure you’re going to have to make the call when you see the mugshot but she tried to scam me and then when I read I found that she was doing it to another guy right before me no wonder she can’t get anybody in why she has to pay to have somebody have sex with her she wanted me to beat her with a horse crop she said she was in the BB snn whatever that is

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3 reviews on Lucinda cawley

  1. Arthur Mondeau lying again

    This is a mugshot taken 5 years ago folks. It was a marajuana possession charge of less the 5 grams. Charges that were dropped to say the least, 5 years ago. No violent offences or scamming as Art proclaims
    The person who posted this, Arthur Mondeau is just butt hurt. What Art won’t say is that he was the scammer. He pressured me and my friend Nancy, on separate occasions, were pressured into buying this guy gold necklaces. He pressured me to go on a trip, which was a nightmare.
    I soon found out that I was not the only woman he has done this to. Me and a close friend exposed him for what he really was. Well I guess his scamming other women has diminished online at least. Which is what I am happy to accomplish here on this site. Now Arthur Mondeau, the guy who wrote this scam blog, is lashing back 5 months later. The man likes crack head prostitues with no teeth, and he calls me weird . Can’t help but to laugh at that . As for paying for sex, very wrong statement. If you are referring to yourself Art, then I want my money back. Glad your options have become thin

  2. walterjonhson...aka Arthur Mondeau

    Arthur Mondeau has been making numerous fake post on this site.Lucinda Crawly and myself exposed him as a scammer and this is his way of discredited us.By the way it is illegal to make fake reports on this site so you are even trying to scam your way thru this site.Arthur Mondeau Is now doing this on Google plus because he is no longer on facebook hopefully Google plus well give him the boot because I have exposed him there also.Lucinda lost about 2900.00 thankfully my lost was not as high but it wasn’t for lack of trying now was it walter or what ever your name is today.This just getting a annoying.I have and idea for you instead of scamming people and it seems you have a lot of free time go get a job and work for your money like the rest of us Walter aka Arthur Mondeau.

  3. walterjonhson...aka Arthur Mondeau

    I have a few questions first question if this lady did this weres your proof in this day and age texting is the new normal or the internet you have something,I mean after all if she’s crazy like you said wouldn’t you have any messages you exchanged for protection? My next question is you stated that she was going to pay for sex so are you a prostitute?3rd question you were talking 50 shades of grey nonsense which leads me to believe you are trying to sound a lot more like you are acting innocent when you’re not.So pretty much a fake report here.

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Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : walterjohnson0001
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