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Do not hire this company if you would like to

HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! I hired Lofft Construction in September of last year to dig out and underpin for a new basement construction. I had such high hopes for this project and was so impressed by Lofft at the proposal stage. They came down on their price and I was really looking forward to having them do the work. It however has been horrible!!!! I know see that they came down on their price to only add even more at the end of the project!

I have never experienced a project run so unprofessionally and regret the day I hired them. The project was supposed to be finished in March. We are now in October and they still have not finished. DCRA put a stop work order on the project due to Lofft poor decision making on the project and as a result they left the center of my house strucurally unsupported for several months.

Even after the stop work order was removed they did not make an effort to make sure the rest of the already delayed project moves forward efficiently and with high quality. Moving into the build out phase, different crews have worked sporadically making numerous mistakes that Lofft is now trying to avoid repairing and actually trying to charge me extra for. Subcontractors complain to me that they have not been paid which is why they don’t show up and take other jobs between finishing mine. Three different sets of carpenters have worked over the course of the project and made mistakes that all remain in the basement. Three different electricians have been sent, all from the same company, trying to fix the mistakes of the person before. My backyard garden has been used like a trash can and completely disrespected.

I have asked numerous times to clean up construction waste. I have now paid too much on the contract ($143,000) and am worried that they are just not going to finish. I fear that I will have to just hire another company to finally finish and take Lofft to court to recover my damages.

No amount of money however will appease the pain and frustration the mismanagement of this project has brought into my life. I was still hoping that they will finish and we can end this nightmare amicably but since I keep getting promises that they will finish in 3 days and it has been weeks and months, my hope has died a miserable death.

Do not hire this company if you would like to; keep your happiness, sanity, healthy marriage, and only pay what you agreed. I spent countless hours at home babysitting workers trying to catch mistakes. I hired a design build company to manage the project and have had to micromanage to avoid a complete catastrophe. I just want this to be over!

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  1. Lofft Construction Is Bad Service.

    Lofft renovated my bathroom and one year later everything is falling apart. Extremely dissatisfied with the quality of work. Also, they never fully finished the job.

  2. They should know by now that they need to work on their communication

    This is a two-part review – one for the project manager/architect (i’d rate this at a 1) and one for the people who did the physical work (I’d give them a 5). The work will conclude in about a week.

    Project manager/architect (Juan Pablo): If you are interested in catching mistakes, repeating yourself and dealing with an argumentative, unprofessional person who does not know what customer service is or how to own a mistake maturely – go with Lofft.

    I provided details of what I wanted, including links to photos, as requested, and though I was assured by the PM that he wanted to do the work that I wanted, he did not seem to take the time to actually look at the information or listen to me. I had to repeat to him what I wanted, and when I was sent the first draft plans,

    the images of kitchens they included on the plans looked NOTHING like the images I provided. As we reviewed those first plans, we revised things to appropriately capture what I’d requested. He even drew over the originals to include updated information.

    But when I got the second draft, some major things were incorrect. Who puts a sink next to a stove? Only someone who isn’t paying attention when you review plans with them. When people make mistakes like this, it erodes your confidence that they’re paying attention to details.

  3. Great Service.

    Highly recomeneded,used them several for small and big projects always same quality and great customer service.

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